Tuesday, April 02, 2013

"War on Consciousness" Webinar with Graham Hancock

This could be interesting - at the very least Graham Hancock gets to explain his perspectives on a platform and with a community that is sympathetic to his views, unlike the folks at TEDx. There is a $25 fee for the one hour talk and 30 minute question and answer session.

"War on Consciousness" Webinar

Evolver Learning Lab

Recently Graham Hancock discovered that his TEDx Whitechapel presentation, "The War on Consciousness," was censored by the TED leadership -- removed from the TED YouTube page and criticized for reasons which TED later admitted to be unfounded. An outraged grassroots campaign led to TED reposting the video, though on an obscure blog page rather than on their popular YouTube site.

Clearly Graham's provocative talk about visionary plants and consciousness struck a nerve. Was it his frank discussion of the Amazonian brew ayahuasca? Or his consideration of a spiritual world view that challenges core assumptions of the materialist paradigm? Before its removal from YouTube, the video had received 130,000 views. What is it about Graham Hancock's message that so many find inspiring, but TED felt it must distance itself from?

In this exclusive Evolver webinar, Graham Hancock will expand upon the themes he introduced in his provocative TEDx talk, and explore the ramifications they have for your life:
  • Should sovereignty over your own consciousness be as fundamental a right as free speech?
  • How might visionary plants have effected human evolution, and what potential do they have for us today?
  • Why does our society approve of some states of consciousness, but actively suppress others that might offer solutions to the ecological and spiritual crises of our time?
  • How can you explore the potential offered through visionary plants like ayahuasca safely and responsibly? 
Graham Hancock is one of the sharpest minds of the new consciousness movement. The author of numerous books, including the bestselling Fingerprints of the Gods, Supernatural, and the visionary novel Entangled, he never fails to ask the right question and investigate assumptions too often taken for granted.

We are at the threshold of a major societal shift. Why is the expansion of consciousness so critical to the future of humanity -- and why are so many people threatened by this possibility? How can you overcome this fear in your own life, and among those you know?

In this live, interactive video session, Graham will discuss the censorship controversy and why he feels these issues are so important and worth defending. And he will explore how you can take part in the consciousness transformation that is already in motion.

This single-session webinar takes place on Saturday, April 14. The format is a 60 minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. You will be part of the discussion, able to ask your questions on camera, just like a Skype call.

Join us for this exciting exploration into the nature of consciousness and spirituality.

April 14, 8:00 p.m. London, 3:00 p.m. NY, 12:00 p.m. LA


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