Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Marco Iacoboni - Intersubjectivity and Mirror Neurons

This is an excellent lecture given at UC Davis's M.I.N.D. Institute in the 2008 Distinguished Lecturer Series. Intersubjectivity of interest to me because I believe it to be the foundation for effective psychotherapy (as outlined by Stolorow, Atwood, Orange, et al).

Marco Iacoboni is one of the central theorists in the work on mirror neurons.

Marco Iacoboni - Intersubjectivity and Mirror Neurons
Marco Iacoboni, M.D., Ph.D., discusses data on mirror neurons that suggest that their role in intersubjectivity may be more accurately described as allowing interdependence. This interdependence shapes the social interactions between people, where the concrete encounter between self and other becomes shared existential meaning that connects them deeply. Series: "M.I.N.D. Institute Lecture Series on Neurodevelopmental Disorders" [6/2008]

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