Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tom Albright - Perception and the Beholder's Share

This is a cool and geeky video from The Science Network. Visual perception is one of the ways scientists delve into how we construct reality as a visual field. One of the interesting discoveries is that the Buddhists, in a way, have had it right all along, we create an image of reality in our brains that is only a rough hologram of the external "reality," whatever that may be (since our machines are only extensions of our own senses, this can become an infinite regress).

Perception and the Beholder's Share

Tom Albright

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  • Tom Albright talks with Roger Bingham about visual perception, his research into how cortex represents features from images, what schizophrenia can teach us about perception, and his interest in art and architecture.

    Tom Albright is Professor and Director of the Vision Center Laboratory at the Salk Institute for Biological studies. His laboratory focuses on the neural structures and events underlying the perception of motion, form, and color.

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