Monday, January 16, 2012

Michel Foucault: The Culture of the Self Lecture at Berkeley

This old video of Michel Foucault lecturing at UC Berkeley on the Culture of the Self was posted at Posthuman Destinies - so a serious Thank You to Abdul Lateef for sharing this there. I posted the talk once before, but this time we also have the question and answer session that followed.

Here is a little of the introduction to the lectures offered by Lateef.
These are the classic lectures on Care of the Self given in Berkeley CA April 12/13 1983 that traces the history of the cultivation of Self-Knowledge and Soul-Making within the Western (Greco-Roman) tradition. He concludes his lecture on this note:. The self is not so much something hidden and therefore something to be excavated but as a correlate of the technologies of self that it co-evolves with over millennium.
For more on Foucault, check out his entry at The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Foucault: The Culture of the Self, Part 1 of 7

Foucault: The Culture of the Self, Q and A, Part 1 of 7

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