Monday, May 30, 2011

Usman Riaz - Amazing Guitarist

I can definitely hear the Michael Hedges influence in this, as well as the Jimmy Page.

This was discovered at Open Culture.

The Guitar Prodigy from Karachi

Usman Riaz began playing classical piano at 6, then took up the guitar at 16. Fast forward four years, and you have this — the 20-year old Riaz playing his song “Firefly” in a music video that’s more like a mini indie arts film than anything else. At times, Riaz plays his Martin XC1t like a piano keyboard, but, all along, you can hear his acknowledged influences – Kaki King, Michael Hedges, Don Ross and, of course, Jimmy Page. (Don’t miss these related videos.) You can learn more about the Karachi musician in this two-part interview here and here, and also find his short album, Flashes and Sparks, on Amazon here.

via 3 Quarks Daily

This piece sounds similar and may be the same (although I don't think so) - no title given, but some amazing fret-work.

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Steve said...

He sounds to me like a cross between Michael Hedges and Larry Coryell.