Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CBC Radio - Norman Doidge on Neuroplasticity

Cool - neuroplasticity is both the most intriguing and exciting discovery and most over-applied idea in neuroscience. Norman Doidge offers a little of both in this talk. He is author of The Brain That Changes Itself, a fine book.

Sept 30/10 - Neuroplasticity

Psychiatrist Norman Doidge tells us why he thinks our brains are capable of re-shaping and even re-making themselves. And why this might be a huge step forward in treating mental illnesses.

Neuroplasticity - Norman Doidge

We started this segment with a clip of Adam Echolls talking about how he
learned to literally shape his own brain. He says he has done it using a new approach to treating mental illness. In his case, it was for obsessive compulsive disorder. But others, including Alita Hamaker, have used the same approach for other disorders. She has schizophrenia.

The science that underlies those treatments is fairly new. It's called neuroplasticity. And the central idea is that the human brain can change itself through thought alone. Norman Doidge is a pioneer in the field of neuroplasticity. He's a psychiatrist who lives in Toronto. He's also the author of The Brain That Changes Itself. And he's featured in documentary called Changing Your Mind. It will air tonight at 8 o'clock on The Nature of Things on CBC Television. Norman Doidge was in Toronto.

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