Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to Have Relationships the Integral Narcissist Way

I'm sure I'll catch some sh!t for this, but somebody needs to say something - silence is collaboration.

Just saw this from the oh-so-forgiving folks at Integral Life:

The Future of Love

Contributors: Marc Gafni and Ken Wilber

Who doesn’t want to transform their love lives with husbands, wives, partners, family members, and friends? In this dialogue Ken and Mark explore "The Future of Love”, noting the many ways our hearts change and evolve with each stage of our evolution.

Isn't this kind of like Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, and [fill in the blank with your favorite fallen TV preacher] - narcissists all - talking about how to have a deep meaningful relationship?

I mean . . . really!?

Marc Gafni is a narcissistic, serial sexual manipulator who seems to have been welcomed back into the integral inner circle after fleeing Israel under threat of arrest a couple of years back (it seems no crime was committed, other than ethical violations that would adhere to, and disqualify, any respectable teacher). And here is Gafni, teaching on relationships and sexuality.


If Gafni were a therapist he would be barred from practice for life. If he were a priest, he would have been transferred to some remote Parrish in Siberia. If he were an athlete, he would have claimed sexual addiction and gotten some therapy.

But NO - Gafni is an integral teacher, so he gets a free pass.

What more reason could anyone need to ditch Wilber and this organization?

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