Monday, December 21, 2009

Requiem for a Faith - Huston Smith Travels to Tibet

This is an old video, but the images are beautiful and Huston Smith is a great narrator.

Requiem for a Faith

Requiem for a Faith

Release Year: 1980

Duration: 29 min

Availability: Worldwide

Related: History, International, Life & Culture

Renowned world religions scholar Huston Smith (The Religions of Man) travels to Tibet in Requiem for a Faith to provide moving commentary that accompanies filmmaker Elda Hartley’s remarkable images of this profoundly mystical culture.

Hartley preserves the images of spirituality – the fluttering prayer flags, the lavishly colorful artwork and dance, the monks engaged in lively debate. Smith’s meditation offers a comprehensive overview of the Tibetan belief system, from its deep compassion and densely populated spirit world, to the role of the Dalai Lama and the many methods used in the journey towards enlightenment.

This award-winning film provides a rare glimpse at hypnotic chanting ceremonies of the Tibetan Buddhist monks, a technique so unusual that modern science has yet to understand it. Requiem for a Faith is a moving portrait of a society “that is so close to the sky, the natural occupation of its people is to pray.”

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