Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seed - Into the Landscape of Genomic Evolution

Very cool, part of their Darwin Day tribute from earlier in the week.

How the tools of genetic sequencing are changing the way we study the origins and development of life.

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Over the past decade, a new way to study evolution has enabled scientists to investigate how life works and how it came to be, without needing to do experiments or work with plants, animals, or any other living thing. The landscape of DNA-sequencing data, which is pouring out of laboratories around the world, is providing an unparalleled source of new information that is helping researchers tackle questions about evolution. And the data is constantly expanding as thousands more bases of DNA are sequenced every second.

In this Seed audio podcast, journalist and ecologist John Whitfield meets the new genomic explorers who are asking questions that Darwin himself would have recognized and others he could never have known to ask.

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