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Speedlinking 3/8/07

Sorry this is so late today -- Earthlink was down all morning and just came back online in AZ.

Quote of the day:

"Nihilism is best done by professionals."
~ Iggy Pop

Image of the day:

~ Whole-Grain Breakfast Cereal Associated With Reduced Heart Failure Risk -- "Eating whole-grain breakfast cereals seven or more times per week was associated with a lower risk of heart failure, according to an analysis of the observational Physicians' Health Study." Fiber is good for what ails ya.
~ Osteoporosis Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency -- "Vitamin D deficiency is being recognized as a growing problem in people who are at risk for osteoporosis. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, over 60 million Americans, 41 million of them women, will have either osteoporosis or low bone mass by the year 2020."
~ Genetic Mutations Cause CoQ10 Enzyme Deficiency -- "Individuals with a deficiency in a protein known as CoQ10 can be grouped into different categories depending on their clinical symptoms. Primary CoQ10 deficiency, that is a deficiency caused by a genetic mutation, can be treated by dietary CoQ10 supplementation."
~ Diet Advice to take to Heart -- "Find out 6 ways to make your diet heart-healthy and lose weight."
~ A Specific Fat Type Can Protect Against Weight Gain And Diabetes -- "A new study from Joslin Diabetes Center may shed light on why some people can eat excessive amounts of food and not gain weight or develop type 2 diabetes, while others are more likely to develop obesity and this most common form of diabetes on any diet."
~ Prevent injury and improve performance by increasing the intensity of your warm-up -- "Warming up before you exercise helps to prevent injuries and lets you jump higher, run faster, lift heavier or throw further."
~ Erectile Dysfunction Drugs May Trump Nitroglycerin For Heart Protection -- "Erectile dysfunction drugs may be better than nitroglycerin in protecting the heart from damage before and after a severe heart attack."
~ Exercise slows decline in Alzheimer's patients -- "Nursing home residents with Alzheimer's disease who participate in a moderate exercise program have a significantly slower deterioration than those who receive routine medical care, researchers have shown."
~ It's true -- stress makes teens break out -- "Teen-agers who claim that stress makes them break out are telling the truth: The stress of taking an exam can make pimples worse, researchers reported on Tuesday." I'm guessing this applies to adults too.

~ Psychoanalysis effective for panic disorder -- "The findings from a clinical trial indicate that psychoanalytic therapy can be particularly effective for people suffering from panic disorder. Relaxation training is also helpful but it has a lower success rate."
~ Addiction: Why Can't They Just Stop? -- "New Book, Documentary Explores Brain Chemistry Behind Addictive Behaviors."
~ How to Cheer Up -- "When bad things happen, as they will, it's helpful to have an arsenal of useful interventions to raise your spirits and improve your attitude."
~ Antidepressants Improve Post-Stroke 'Thinking Outside The Box' -- "Antidepressant treatment appears to help stroke survivors with the kind of complex mental abilities often referred to as "thinking outside the box," according to a University of Iowa study. The antidepressants' effects on study participants' abilities were independent of any changes in depression. In addition, the improvements in complex mental abilities were not seen immediately but during the course of 21 months after the treatment ended."
~ Women are best at being buddies -- "A four-year study by sociologists at The University of Manchester has found that women are much more likely than men to make deep and lasting friendships.The investigation into social networks by the University's Research Centre for Socio-Cultural Change found that men are more fickle and calculating about who they should be friends with."
~ Why children love their security blankets -- "Every parent of a young child knows how emotionally attached children can become to a soft toy or blanket that they sleep with every night. New research, published today in the international journal Cognition, suggests that this might be because children think the toy or blanket has a unique property or ‘essence."
~ Findings may explain why omega-3s seem to improve mood -- "Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fatty fish like salmon, are associated with increased grey matter volume in areas of the brain commonly linked to mood and behavior according to a University of Pittsburgh study."
~ Is Your Memory Erased While You Sleep? -- "Scientists have a new theory about what happens in the brain when you snooze."

~ The four unspeakable truths about Iraq -- "When it comes to Iraq, there are two kinds of presidential candidates. The disciplined ones, like Hillary Clinton, carefully avoid acknowledging reality. The more candid, like John McCain and Barack Obama, sometimes blurt out the truth, but quickly apologize."
~ Wikipedia to Seek Credentials Proof -- "Following revelations that a high-ranking member of Wikipedia's bureaucracy used his cloak of anonymity to lie about being a professor of religion, the free Internet encyclopedia plans to ask contributors who claim such credentials to identify themselves."
~ YouTube Banned In Turkey -- "A Turkish court ordered access to YouTube's Web site blocked on Wednesday, after a prosecutor recommended the ban because of videos allegedly insulting the founder of modern Turkey."
~ Clipping Cheney's Wings -- "John Nichols writes that the Libby trial revealed stunning details about Dick Cheney's aggressive efforts to attack his enemies and cherry-pick pre-war intelligence. Will Congress now conduct hearings to call the Vice President to account?"
~ Why Jews Should Care About the ‘Jesus Tomb’ -- "Our rabbi reflects on the claim that Christ’s tomb has been found."
~ Ann Coulter's the Paris Hilton of political coverage -- " Even among her most rabid red-state fans, she has become a cartoon character -- and journalists should treat her like one."
~ NBC/WSJ: Confidence on Iraq continues to fall -- "Almost two months after President Bush announced that he was sending more than 21,000 additional troops into Iraq, saying, “We can, and we will, prevail,” nearly seven in 10 Americans remain pessimistic about the war’s outcome, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds."
~ Nebraska Senator Hagel to announce 2008 plans -- Run, Chuck, run!

~ Global Polio Eradication May Take Time -- "WHO Says Global Polio Eradication Still Possible but Will Take at Least Another Year."
~ Global Fund to Help Buy Malaria Drugs -- "Health Experts Announce a Global Fund to Subsidize New Malaria Drugs."
~ More Ways Teflon Can Harm Your Baby -- "More than a year after the FDA urged companies to ban the use of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), the chemical used in making Teflon, reports of new toxic side effects associated with your cookware and other products keeping on coming."
~ World Wide Divide -- "Globalization advocates and internet idealists may talk of a future without borders, but the world's not as connected as people think."
~ Love-making gets green light from adult stores -- "You've heard of green cars, green tourism and green weddings. Now Canadians should ready themselves for green sex."
~ Evolution Getting Faster Thanks to Germs, Viruses, Study Says -- "Evolution has gotten faster, and scientists think they know why: Microbes are swapping DNA from one species to another, giving the Darwinian process an added boost."
~ Time Change: Springing Forward Could be Bad For You -- "This Sunday, Daylight Saving Time starts ... three weeks earlier than in the past. It might save energy. It's sure to fuel depression."

~ Can Buddha Hit a Curveball?…and other questions of special powers -- "In this post I want to talk about special abilities and powers, which seem to always be discussed in terms of secondary by-products of one’s practice and realization."
~ From The Buddha Diaries: A Visitation -- "Well, yesterday, I chanced to look up from my writing and was greeted with the vision of a hawk. He was perched there, magnificent and imperious, on the lip of the upper bowl, no more than a few feet from where I sat."
~ From Ed Berge at Open Integral: No views is good views? -- "From my investigation of Nagarjuna and Derrida I’m coming to feel that indeed “no views is good views,” as the moment I take a position I immediately see my own negative projections–and the antithesis–built right into the very premise(s) of that view."
~ Three aspects of identities and freefall from Mystery of Existence.
~ From ~C4Chaos: The Secret, Steve Pavlina, and Stuff Called HOLONS. Also from ~C (an expansion of ideas in the first post): What the Hell? Is Steve Pavlina Turquoise?
~ Julian says what I have been thinking for quite a while now: Second Tier? Get Over Yourself. A Brief Righteous Vent.... over at the I-I pod at Zaadz. Even if you aren't a member, check it out. ~C4Chaos adds: Brad Warner: Big Mind™ is a Big Load of Horse Shit.

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