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Speedlinking 3/7/07

Quote of the day:

"I take my children everywhere, but they always find their way back home."
~ Robert Orben

Image of the day:

~ What’s the best time for future athletes to start training? -- "A study from Sweden suggests that the best time for future athletes to start training is probably before they go into puberty, because strength training before puberty gives a person larger and stronger bones."
~ EPDS: 7 Causes and Cures -- "Extreme Performance Decline Syndrome (EPDS) sounds like a new social disease, but it really has to do with mid-set fatigue. Ever wonder why you can pump out 12 reps on the first set but then have trouble hitting 6 or 7 reps on the fifth set? Luckily, Joel Marion knows how to boost your performance."
~ U.S. study tips scale in favor of Atkins diet -- "A study of four popular diets found that women put on the one with the least carbohydrates -- the Atkins plan -- lost at least twice as much weight as those on the others, researchers said on Tuesday."
~ Early Life Growth Spurts Protect Against 'Bad' Cholesterol -- "Tall toddlers and rapidly growing teens are likely to find themselves with lower cholesterol, particularly the "bad" type, in later life, suggests research in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.Conversely, piling on the pounds after the age of 15 boosted cholesterol levels, the study showed." I was 6' tall at 13 years of age, so this bodes well for me.
~ Walking helps shed post-baby pounds -- "New moms who take walks instead of watching TV may lose those post-pregnancy pounds more easily, according to researchers."
~ Eating Less Slows Muscle Cell Damage, Helps People Live Longer -- "People who eat less are more efficient at converting food into energy, which may help them live longer, a new study shows."
~ Transcendental Meditation Reduces Congestive Heart Failure, New Study Shows -- "A widely practiced, stress-reducing meditation technique significantly decreases the severity of congestive heart failure, according to a first-of-its-kind randomized study published in Ethnicity & Disease."
~ Fitness that functions like you do -- "Functional fitness is all about helping you perform better outside the gym."

~ Bingeing Is Most Common Eating Disorder -- "In the public eye, binge eating springs from a faulty sense of self-discipline rather than a diagnosable physical condition, but it is very much a clinical disorder, often occurring in tandem with major depression and anxiety."
~ Boost Your Body Image in the Bedroom -- "Self esteem expert Jess Weiner tells you how to get over issues so you can get the loving you deserve."
~ Happiness is more than chasing pleasure -- "Psychiatrist Dr. Donald Rosen speaks with about the connection between happiness and health."
~ Failure Analysis -- "Success education involves being aware of how your explanations affect your daily life, future plans, and interactions with others (attribution theory)."
~ Brain Works More Chaotically Than Previously Thought -- "The passing on of information from neuron to neuron does not, they show, occur exclusively at the synapses, i.e. the junctions between the nerve cell extensions. Rather, it seems that the neurons release their chemical messengers along the entire length of these extensions and, in this way, excite the neighbouring cells."
~ Research On The Color Red Shows Definite Impact On Achievement -- "The color red can affect how people function: Red means danger and commands us to stop in traffic. Researchers at the University of Rochester have now found that red also can keep us from performing our best on tests."
~ Polarity and Your Career -- "As a follow-up to the Polarity and Polarization articles, let’s explore some practical applications of polarity-based thinking with respect to your career choices."
~ The 4 Elements of Purpose -- "As I mentioned in the previous post, discovering your purpose in life can bless you with a life of passion, fulfillment and contribution. So how can you figure out what that purpose is?"

~ 60% Of U.S. Residents Say They Would Pay Higher Taxes To Fund Nationwide Universal Health Insurance System, New York Times CBS News Poll Finds.
~ The E Generation at 40 -- "BBC Radio 4 recently broadcast a documentary on the long-term effects of ecstasy (MDMA) now that the 'E Generation' are in their 40s."
~ Libby Convicted in Leak Case -- "The Vice President's former chief of staff is found guilty on four of five counts for his role in the Valerie Plame affair."
~ Clinton Pledges Alliance With Gays -- "Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton told the nation's leading gay rights group in an unpublicized speech that she wants a partnership with gays if elected president."
~ Giuliani Says Family Issues Private -- "Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani asked for privacy on Monday to deal with strained relationships within his family." As it should be.
~ The Administration Goes For Broke -- "It has become conservatives' equivalent of handshakes at a union hall. Professing aversion to government and venom toward taxes before the right-wing rank-and-file is a set piece of Republican presidential primaries."
~ Robert Naiman: Obama Voted to Protect Civilians from Cluster Bombs. Where Were Clinton, Biden, and Dodd? -- "If you have the good fortune to find yourself in one of those situations where you get to question one of the Democrats running for President - especially one of the sitting Senators - perhaps you'd like to ask some variant of the following: When you had a chance six months ago to protect civilians from being killed or maimed by cluster bombs, how did you vote? If you weren't in the Senate, how would you have voted? If you voted no, why did you vote no? Will you support such legislation now?"

~ Uninsured Children Admitted To Hospitals Are Twice As Likely To Die As Insured Children, According To Families USA Study -- "For the report, researchers led by J. Mick Tilford of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences analyzed government data from 2000 and 2003."
~ Microsoft researchers collaborate to change the world -- "Microsoft researchers from the software giant's labs around the world gathered on Tuesday to conspire on innovations intended to change the world."
~ Sound waves turn natural gas into liquid -- "Worldwide, 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas is wasted every year. Now, the Denver-based company Swift LNG aims to turn that gas into a usable liquid fuel with a thermoacoustic natural gas liquefaction technology just licensed from Los Alamos National Laboratory."
~ Honda Unveils 'Small Hybrid Sports Concept' -- "Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept, a design study model, demonstrates a unique fusion of advanced environmental technology, exciting styling and fun-to-drive characteristics."
~ "Mafia Birds" Make Others Raise Their Young ... Or Else -- "Some cowbirds make other birds an offer they can't refuse, a new study says: Raise our chicks or we'll whack yours."
~ New Weapon Against Warming: "Flatulence Cards" Offset Dog, Human Emissions -- "While global warming is nothing to laugh at, an Australian company is providing some comic relief, selling carbon credits for flatulent pets and people." Hmmm. . . .
~ World's Longest Underground River Discovered in Mexico, Divers Say -- "Divers have finished mapping a twisting subterranean waterway that winds through 95 miles (153 kilometers) of the Yucat√°n Peninsula's limestone caverns."

~ Looking at knots from the emptiness and form sides -- "Knots are the whole complex of a belief in a story (as absolutely true), and the accompanying emotional and behavioral patterns. It brings identification into the content of awareness, and comes from and props up a sense of a separate self."
~ Gary doesn't like The Secret either.
~ Julian REALLY doesn't like The Secret, and he gets integral about it.
~ Metta from The Buddha Diaries.
~ Oi! Are You Looking at My Triangle? from Think Buddha.
~ Buddha Break 2007.03.06 -- some links from Sentient Developments.
~ Mahayana Buddhism and the Pre-Pomo Turn from Ghost in the Wire.

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