Sunday, March 04, 2007

Jenna Jameson's 69 Sexiest Songs

This is one those lists that make you wanna say, "What the hell is THAT doing there, and why isn't this on the list." But this is, after all, Jenna Jameson, one the most famous porn stars on the planet. Part of the fun is disagreeing with the list.

Here are the top five:

  • 5.

    Madonna, 'Justify My Love'
    'Justify' is the musical equivalent of having phone sex while Public Enemy plays in the background. Sounds silly in theory, but when it's Madonna moaning on the other end of the line, the result is a dark 'n' dirty grinder that's almost too hot for prime time. Even liberal ears agreed that Madge finally deserved the spanking she'd been asking for her entire career. -- MTC

    Sexiest lyric: "Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another"Damn, Madge wants it BAD!
  • 4.

    Prince, 'Do Me, Baby'
    He's eccentric and only 5 feet tall, yet Prince remains the Ambassador of Sexy. Maybe it's those high-pitched wails or the talk break at the end, but something about this straight-shooting ballad is extremely seductive. Bow down, Justin. -- DB

    Sexiest lyric: "Take me baby/ Kiss me all over/ Play with my love"
    His Royal Badness gets down 'n' dirty!
  • 3.

    Donna Summer, 'Love You Baby'
    When dance-music producer Giorgio Moroder tapped a then-unknown Donna Summer to bring this steamy 1975 disco epic to life, how were they to know it would single-handedly launch a decade-long herpes epidemic? Summer actually recorded the song's simulated orgasms lying on her back in a darkened studio. Now that's method acting! -- JP

    Sexiest lyric: "Do it to me again and again, you put me in such an awful spin/ In a spin (ooh), I love to love you baby"We 'Love to Love' this song
  • 2.

    Nine Inch Nails, 'Closer'
    If you hadn't quite reached puberty by 1994, 'Closer' was there to help along the process. Proving once and for all that subtlety is overrated, the song boasted a chorus more raw, shocking and shameless than anything even Prince or Madonna would muster, inspiring both mascara-smeared goth chicks and plastered frat boys to do the nasty nastier than they'd ever done it before. -- MTC

    Sexiest lyric: "I want to f*** you like an animal/ I want to feel you from the inside"Trent gets us closer to God
  • 1.

    Marvin Gaye, 'Let's Get It On'
    Marvin had no time for "beatin' 'round the bush." In the early '70s, this semi-explicit plea for liberated, sugar-sweet lovemaking (sung by a 34-year-old to his 17-year-old girlfriend, no less!) was still a bold statement, but the man just couldn't hold in all this love. America quickly opened its arms to Marvin's charms, making 'Let's Get It On' the second biggest hit of 1973 ... and the sexiest song of all time. -- JP

    Sexiest lyric: "There's nothing wrong with me loving you/ And giving yourself to me can never be wrong if the love is true"Marvin works his mojo all the way to No. 1!

You have to wonder about "Closer" being number two, but if you like it animalistic, then I guess it's a good song for that.

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