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Speedlinking 3/6/07

Quote of the day:

"Do I contradict myself?/ Very well then I contradict myself,/ (I am large, I contain multitudes.)"
~ Walt Whitman

Image of the day:

~ Essential Waterbury: Program Design -- "We were going to send Chad to your house, but we couldn't find a shipping container big enough. So, we did the next best thing. This article will allow you to easily construct your very own Waterbury program."
~ Unique Tomatoes Tops In Disease-Fighting Antioxidants -- "Deep red tomatoes get their rich color from lycopene, a disease-fighting antioxidant. A new study, however, suggests that a special variety of orange-colored tomatoes provide a different form of lycopene, one that our bodies may more readily use." Yum, tangerine tomatoes.
~ Diabetics Should Avoid Coffee -- OK, so coffee isn't great for everyone.
~ Early Puberty In Girls Due to Being Overweight As A Toddler -- Fat creates more estrogen, and fat cells contain more estrogen receptors -- no mystery here.
~ Staying Busy And Active Contributes To Longer Life -- "Physical activity as the elixir of youth might seem like old news, but there's a new twist, according to the March issue of Mayo Clinic Women's HealthSource. For the best chance of a long, healthy life, marathon training is not required. But, staying busy and active might be. Research published last year found that any activity that contributed to energy expenditure in older adults may help prolong life."
~ Exercise, Diet, Supplements Play Role In Lowering Cholesterol Without Drugs -- "When it's time to rein in cholesterol, the go-to prescription is usually statins. These medications can reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol -- the bad cholesterol -- from 25 percent to 50 percent. But for a variety of reasons, statins aren't an option for everyone.The March issue of Mayo Clinic Women's HealthSource outlines other ways to lower cholesterol levels."
~ Moderate drinking may benefit elderly men -- "Older men who drink moderate amounts of alcohol may function better physically than either those who abstain completely or those who abuse alcohol, a new study suggests." Well, there's a reason to stay healthy enough to get old.

~ Anxiety disorders often untreated -- "In a study of patients seen at primary care clinics, nearly 20 percent had at least one anxiety disorder and 41 percent of these patients were receiving no treatment."
~ Study measures harm of stress on children's health -- "Children in families facing chronic stress such as conflict between parents or violence in the home become sick more often than children under less stress, according to a study published on Monday."
~ Intimate Partner Abuse Affects Broad Spectrum of Ages (HealthDay) -- "Many elderly women say they've been physically or mentally abused by intimate partners at some point in their lives, says a U.S. study in the March issue of The Gerontologist."
~ Getting Closer: The Art of Self-Disclosure -- "Turning an acquaintance into a good friend can be hard. Whether it's romantic or platonic, there are endless reasons why people fail to connect and maintain their relationships with each other."
~ The Myelin in All of Us -- "This has been a terrific couple of weeks for anyone wanting to better understand talent -- several smart magazine and newspaper pieces have zeroed in on new, critical data. Daniel Coyle has a solid piece in yesterday's NYTimes Sports Magazine that nicely combines Anders Ericsson's work on "deliberate practice" with some very recent findings about myelin, the fatty insulation around nerve fibers that makes electrical nerve signals more efficient (Ishibashi et al, 2006; Fields, 2006)."
~ Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Changes Kids Brains -- "By examining a small cohort of children suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder, researchers from Stanford University were able to show that extreme stress and PTSD effected changes in the hippocampus area of children's brains."
~ Unwanted Thoughts -- "Things we sweep under the rug fill our dreams."
~ Scientists trying to read your mind -- "At a laboratory in Germany, volunteers slide into a donut-shaped MRI machine and perform simple tasks, such as deciding whether to add or subtract two numbers, or choosing which of two buttons to press." See also: Scientists Try to Predict Intentions.
~ Out-of-body experiences may be caused by arousal system disturbances in brain -- "Having an out-of-body experience may seem far-fetched to some, but for those with arousal system disturbances in their brains, it may not be a far off idea that they could sense they were really outside their own body watching themselves."

~ Access To Dental Care Remains Challenging For Low-Income People -- "Access to dental care is "an often overlooked concern in the debate over universal health coverage," as some low-income children have no dental coverage and other people have limited access to care, the Washington Post reports."
~ Dysfunctional FDA Computer System Delays Drug Safety Reporting By Four Years -- "An independent report by the Breckenridge Institute has revealed a "dysfunctional" and new computer system the FDA has been using to track post-market drug safety since 2005 -- the Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) -- won't be fully operational until 2009 at the earliest."
~ Fallout from the Coulter speech -- "The right wing which has tolerated and embraced Coulter for so long slowly tries to disassociate itself from her."
~ The Questions Bush Won't Answer -- "Ever since President Bush announced on Jan. 10 that he was defying the public will and increasing the U.S. military commitment in Iraq, he has been emphatic that his latest plan -- unlike all those previous ones -- would work."
~ Privacy Board OKs Eavesdropping -- "A secretive White House privacy board says two Bush surveillance programs -- electronic eavesdropping and financial tracking -- do not violate citizens' civil liberties."
~ The Century of the Self -- "After Adam Curtis’ flawed but essential BBC 4 documentary on the neo-cons and Islamic fundamentalists, The Power of Nightmares, I was excited to learn he’d taken a similar approach to tackle the relationships between psychoanalysis, advertising and politics in The Century of the Self. I missed it on TV, but just got round to it on Google Video."
~ Evangelical’s Focus on Climate Draws Fire of Christian Right -- "Leaders of several conservative Christian groups have sent a letter urging the National Association of Evangelicals to force its policy director in Washington to stop speaking out on global warming . The conservative leaders say they are not convinced that global warming is human-induced or that human intervention can prevent it."

~ Are GM Crops Killing Honeybees? -- "One of nature's unsung heroes -- the honeybee -- may be in grave decline around the United States, a huge problem for those of us who live in North America, and not solely because it means a shortage of honey either."
~ The Plight of the Ugliest Endangered Animals -- "Watch this Slate slideshow and you'll come out hating pandas for everything they represent. While millions of dollars have gone into saving the last three thousand pandas just because they're cute, at least one sorry creature—the aye-aye—is bound for extinction because it's ugly. The aye-aye looks like a balding, emaciated gremlin."
~ So Much Data, Relatively Little Space -- "A new study that estimates how much digital information the world is generating (hint: a lot) finds that for the first time, there's not enough storage space to hold it all."
~ Monkeys Hug to Head Off Conflict, Study Finds -- "Like Ari "Hug It Out" Gold on HBO's Entourage, spider monkeys reportedly use well-placed embraces to ease group tension."
~ Splitting Water Molecules the Next "Green" Power Source? -- "Artificial photosynthesis may be the key to harnessing energy directly from the sun and creating a limitless renewable energy source, experts say."
~ Tundra disappearing at rapid rate -- "Forests of spruce trees and shrubs in parts of northern Canada are taking over what were once tundra landscapes--forcing out the species that lived there."
~ Why is a minute divided into 60 seconds, an hour into 60 minutes, yet there are only 24 hours in a day? -- "Michael A. Lombardi, a metrologist in the Time and Frequency Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colo., takes the case."

~ Buddhist Geeks 9: Enlightened Teachers -- "In our latest podcast (listen to Part 1) with Theravada teacher Daniel Ingram he breaches the taboo of enlightenment by discussing the enlightenment of other teachers."
~ Listen to the minerals. What are they telling you? -- An interesting post from Joe Perez at Until.
~ Magnanimous Heroes and Ignorant Enemies -- "Magnanimous. Yeah, it's one of those S.A.T. words that some of us may have forgotten. It comes from the Latin "magnus" (great) and "animus" (spirit or mind). It means to have a great and generous heart. This is the characteristic that my heroes all have in common. Among them, Mother Theresa, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha, Mae Chee Sansanee, Princess Diana and many, many others."
~ Logos, Mythos, Convergence Theory & More -- From TikkunGer.
~ More on the Secret -- ebuddha riffs on the post I put up yesterday.
~ Why would a Buddhist celebrate Passover? -- From Buddhists & Jews.

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