Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Image in Front of You is Not What It Seems

My blogging friend Aeryck, after seeing my post yesterday on "The Real Me," reminded me of this cool Dove film about the transformation of a model to a billboard image.

If you've never seen this, it's pretty cool.

How many young women, or girls really, do you guess look at that image (which probably appeared in magazines as well as on the billboard) and want to look like that? What must happen to their self-esteem when they see images like this and realize that they can never look that way?

The insidious thing is that most of this happens before they have the rational thinking capabilities to understand what has been done to them. Young girls start very early to want to look like the images they are drawn to. I've seen three year old little girls swear they want to look like The Little Mermaid, and feel bad that they can't.

How much of this stuff scars their fragile psyches?

More and more, the same thing is happening to young boys. These kids are feeling the pressure to be muscular, thin, and have ripped abs. Most of the teen boys and young men using steroids (and the numbers aren't, yet, as bad as the media suggests) are doing so for cosmetic reasons, not for sports.

Men are getting pec implants and glute implants (women are doing this too) the way women are getting breast jobs and nose jobs. Guys are paying thousands of dollars to have the fat sucked out of their abs, called ab etching.

This is all very insane to me.

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