Monday, January 22, 2007

God, Inc. Part 4

I posted parts 1-3 a while ago. Now Part 4 is out. Here is the recap for those new to this series.
A comedy about life in the corporate offices of God. What if all the problems on earth were not caused by a spiteful deity, or karma, or fate, but just office politics and the Peter Principle?

Episode 4 of 6: "And Give Them An 11 AM Deadline On All Species Submissions" Sarah's first submission goes astray.

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Anonymous said...

These series are great. Austin, from the Miracles Department seems like the most interesting character, and really speaks the feelings of the audience, as does Sarah. For now it's just good comedy, but it will be interesting to see the themes emerge as the series develops.
Information on the cast and director can now be found at IMDB and it is marked as a T.V. series. Hmm...