Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Speedlinking 10/17/06

Morning image, courtesy of Robert:

In the beginning, there were links, and the links linked the world together and made it a smaller place, and the links were good.

~ Commonplace Sugar Compound Silences Seizures.
~ Linkages Between Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors And Bone Mass Found By Forsyth Scientists. If you're taking prozac, you should have good bone density.
~ Study shows Vitamin D may help slow breast cancer. More is better in this study.
~ Dr. Gabe Mirkin talks about Marathon training.
~ Snack Swapper -- trade in fattening snacks for healthy snacks.

~ Gareth at Green Clouds posts on his experience at The Buddhist House, HQ of the Amida Trust, in A Koan a day…
~ Mugo at Moving Mountains has a nice post on studying the self, The One Precept.
~ Ryan Oelke at Anxious Living has a nice post on Insulating Effect of Established Relationships for people with social anxeity.
~ Mike at Unknowing Mind asks Is A Physical Expression of Spiritual Practice Necessary? This from a man who is already an athlete, so it's not just about getting exercise.
~ Frank Visser at Wilber Watch thinks that Ken Wilber's new Integral Spirituality is simply too simplified.

~ Matthew Dallman at the Daily Goose posts two videos of MAGGLIO ORDONEZ WALK-OFF HOME RUN. If you like sports, this is why you like sports.
~ Sujatin at lotusinthemud offers pureland - an introduction.
~ From The Zero Boss: Why I’m Not Raising My Kids to Wage War Against Reality. This is a good post on not raising kids to settle for having tried.
~ "Coming Out" Is Still Difficult For Korean American Daughters. This seems mostly due to religious beliefs.
~ Religion and environmentalism: A skeptic's view.
~ Surviving Darfur: Geographic Reporter on Imprisonment, War's Future.
~ The 25 Most Popular Political Humor Videos. Good stuff from Colber, The Daily Show, and others.

~ ~C4Chaos will be attending Blog Business Summit 2006 -- he's taking suggestions for questions that readers might want him to pose to the uber-bloggers in attendance.
~ Denmark an example after transfat ban. They are setting the standard for banning these deadly fats.
~ Haze Distresses Orangutans in Indonesian Reserve.
~ Sometime this morning, U.S. Population on Track to 300 Million.
Schwarzenegger embraces Northeast climate pact, and more.

And that's more than enough fun for one morning.

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