Monday, October 16, 2006

Speedlinking 10/16/06

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Lots to cover. And they're off . . . .

~ Dr. Gabe Mirkin reports that Exercise prolongs life.
~ iVillage gives advice on Sticking to Your Diet on a Date.
~ Couch Potatoes Who Start Exercising After 40 Can Still Stave Off Heart Disease.
~ Supplements May Help Fight Osteoporosis.

~ Mike at Unknowing Mind offers a poet's view in A Different View of Spirituality.
~ Frank Visser's Integral World offers an essay on Spiritual Narcissism.
~ Dave Pollard at How to Save the World looks at relationships (and their endings) in How Do You Keep the Music Playing?
~ James at Buddhist Blog posts on What Does it Mean to be Mindful?
~ Researchers in Australia have found Long-term Benefit For Depression From Internet-Based Interventions.

~ Ray Harris at Open Integral writes on Islamic imperialism.
~ Michel Bauwens at P2P Foundation considers Is a post-Christian Europe being joined by a post-Christian U.S.?
~ Hillary is us -- a Slate article on Hillary Clinton and feminism (click through the ad).
~ Newsweek reports on the Vatican's Pagan cemetary.
~ Time reports on why David Kuo, former second-in-command of President Bush's Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, felt betrayed enough to write a book.

Communities Key to Lowering Cancer Risk.
~ World Food Day: Why Are There Still 400 Million Hungry Children?
~ There has been a lot written about the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank.
Most of it is positive:
* Banker to the Poor Wins Nobel Prize, Reinvests Winnings.
* Nobel Peace Prize and Microfinance.
Some of it is less than positive:
* A Call to Journalists: Stop Writing about Microfinance.
* Microcredit, Macro Issues -- and this is from The Nation.

And that's a wrap. Have a great Monday.

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