Thursday, October 19, 2006

Charles Darwin's Works Go Online

Cambridge University is making Charles Darwin’s complete works available online -- for free -- including the notebook Chuck wrote during the voyage of the Beagle.

From the BBC:
The complete works of one of history's greatest scientists, Charles Darwin, are being published online.

The project run by Cambridge University has digitised some 50,000 pages of text and 40,000 images of original publications - all of it searchable.

Surfers with MP3 players can even access downloadable audio files.

The resource is aimed at serious scholars, but can be used by anyone with an interest in Darwin and his theory on the evolution of life.

"The idea is to make these important works as accessible as possible; some people can only get at Darwin that way," said Dr John van Wyhe, the project's director.
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You can find the complete works (so far) here.

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MD said...

Nice; The third year of the Basic Program (if I make it that far) includes selections of The Origin of the Species and The Descent of Man...teamed up with Aristotle's Physics, Lucretius' On the Nature of Things, and the novel Tom Jones. In truth, I've never read Darwin, even once.

william harryman said...

Hey MD,

I haven't read much either -- just The Descent of Man in a Western Canon study group (led by a biology professor) way back. I should read more.