Monday, September 11, 2006

An Update on ABC's Fraudulent Movie, "The Path to 9-11"

From The Nation, it appears that this hack film was orchestrated by David Horowitz, a far-right activist, and David Cunningham, a major player in the Christian Reconstructionism movement.

The aritcle reveals the whole history of this mess of a film.


Origen said...

Hey Bill,

did you watch the cut version that they screened? I'm aware of the controversy, and I've read about the discrepancies, but I think large swathes of the film are worth viewing, and it wasn't as biased as I was expecting.

Regardless of the involvement of Horowitz and others, is the film that bad?

william harryman said...

I chose not to watch it. Back when I had a political blog, I read large chuncks of the 9/11 report and followed all the controversy about the hearings and the findings.

The reason I am blogging about it is that ABC is complicit in airing clear propaganda -- the producers of the film had an agenda to make the Dems look bad and the Bushites look like the only reasonable option -- and this only 70 or so days before an election that could shift the balance of power in Washington D.C.

This is almost assuredly part of an orchestrated plan to shift public opinion back in favor of the GOP before the citizens go to the voting booths in November. Things will get much uglier before the elections -- just watch.