Sunday, September 10, 2006

Brad Won't Marry Angelina Until Everyone Can Marry

Either Brad Pitt has found a spine on gay rights issues, or he really doesn't want to marry his latest squeeze and the mother of his child, Angelina Jolie. I'm sure I'm late to the party in posting this -- news is hard to come by in the Great White North without internet access or television -- but I thought it worthy of a mention.

From the always reputable People Magazine (based on a story to come out in Esquire):

Brad: Angelina and I Will Wed When Everyone Can


Brad Pitt Photo by: Alex Brandon / AP
Brad Pitt: I'll Wed When Everyone Can | Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt says that he and Angelina Jolie will get married – when all couples can legally wed.

"Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able," the actor tells Esquire magazine for its October issue.

Of course, the couple are already living in domestic bliss with their three children, Shiloh, who was born in May, Maddox, 5, and Zahara, 1.

Of the older two children, whom Jolie adopted and Pitt is in the process of legally adopting, the 42-year-old actor says the fact that they aren't his biological children doesn't set them apart from their sister, Shiloh.

"They're as much of my blood as any natural born, and I'm theirs," Pitt tells the magazine, which hits newsstands Sept. 19. "That's all I can say about it. I can't live without them. So: Anyone considering (adoption), that's my vote."

And Pitt says he's a pretty laid back dad.

"I try not to stifle them in any way," he says. "If it's not hurting anyone, I want them to be able to explore. Sometimes that means they're quite rambunctious."

Still, Pitt, whose next film is the drama Babel, says communication is the key with kids: "I feel it's really important to have that time to sit and talk to them," he continues. "I really like that last minute before they fade off. And always give them a heads-up before you jerk them out of something. You need to tell them, like, 'You have three more minutes.'"
I like to give Bradgelina a hard time, but in this case I applaud their stance -- it is exactly the same one I have taken for years. I refuse to tacitly approve an institution that is discriminatory.

I've bitched about the ignorance of the anti-gay marriage people before, so I won't do it again. But I will suggest they look in the mirror if they want to witness the decline of marriage.

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Tom said...

I give Pitt and Jolie enormous credit for their interest in the welfare of people around the world. But since they are both filthy rich, they suffer no deprevation for not getting married. Indeed, I suspect that the obstacles to their getting married have everything to do with worries about separating their assets after a likely separation than unity with the gay community.

Hooray for Pitt and Jolie if, as I suspect, they are aware that each is narcissistic and the love they have for each other now is imperiled by the greater love each has for his- or her-self.

WH said...


I mostly agree. But then if they can bring some much needed star-power attention to this issue, so what? Maybe they influence some people to think about their beliefs.

That can't be a bad thing in this case.


Zen Unbound said...

Agreed, Bill. It does no harm; it might do a little good.

But I do wish society's interest in celebrities [including mine, certainly] was much less intense than it now is. I don't think that Brangelica's insights are likely to be any more authoritative or informed than The Man [or Woman] in the Street's