Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Speedlinking 9/13/06

There was lots of activity in the blogosphere yesterday. I'm getting back to my busier schedule today after a couple of lite days, so I will link you as best I can.

~ Steve Pavlina blogs on perfection, a follow up to yesterday's post on awareness and ego.

~ Dave at via negativa has an interesting post called Off color.

~ Dave Pollard at How to Save the World has an interesting post on How We Understand: Adding Meaning and Value to Information.

~ Tim at He's Just Had Coffee offers up a collection of links. His interests are varied, but social networking is prominent.

~ Jay at The Zero Boss is seeking advice on turning his bedroom into a love den before his wife gets back from the Toronto Film Festival. Please go help him out.

~ Joe Perez at Rising Up takes a look at whether or not Andrew Sullivan is an integral thinker. Seems Joe thinks he is in two out of three measures. Not sure I agree, but Sullivan is one of the more sane pundits out there.

~ Mike at Unknowing Mind is going on vacation and has lined up some guest bloggers. They are each responding to a specific set of questions. Check it out.

~ ebuddha of Integral Practice takes an in-depth look at Ken Wilber's piece on the war in iraq. He asks a lot of good questions of KW's article, which is found seriously lacking considering the current situation. What does 2nd tier really value? Ebuddha leaves the reader with some serious food for thought.

~ Umguy at ideological putty posts on the 9/11 anniversary.

~ P2P Foundation posts a short item on the Open Library Project.

~ Aaron at Anxious Living posts on social anxiety and manners.

And now, a little politics:

~ In These Times has a short article on Fighting the Larger War. The article contains the following quote from Paul Hoffman, the Chair of the International Executive Committee of Amnesty International -- a speech that was blackballed by the US:
Hoffman underscores that “the war on terrorism exists in a parallel legal universe in which compliance with legal norms is a matter of executive grace. … The concept of ‘terrorism’ put forward is any act perceived as a threat by those waging the war against it. The battlefield is the entire planet, regardless of borders and sovereignty. The war on terrorism might continue in perpetuity, and it is unclear who is authorized to declare it over. Human rights protections,” he concludes, “simply do not exist when they conflict with the imperatives of the war on terrorism.”
I guess that's why the US wouldn't let him deliver the paper he had written to the UN.

~ Digby at Hullabaloo has a great post on Pimping the Greatest Generation.

~ The Washington Post had two articles of late on the GOP plans to win in November. It seems they plan to play dirty, and to go negative in their ads. What a surprise!

~ Billmon at Whiskey Bar posts an interesting article on Rules for Radicals.

~ USA Today's Gen Next blog looks at how a bunch of high school kids responded to 9/11 over the last five years.

And we will end with some good news:

~ A male Sumatran rhinoceros was photographed in the Borneo jungle for the first time. Very cool.

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