Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Speedlinking 8/16/06, Part Deux

Today's lesson is to never reload a frame within the Blogger post creator -- it reloads the wsiwyg editor completely, and "recover post" only works sometimes. Dumb. Very dumb.

So, let's try this again. I'm sure there is no way to recapture the wit of my early morning, barely awake writing, but it's the price I pay. So, then, Once More, With Feeling:

~ P2P Foundation posts that a Swedish “pirate party” launches a commercial darknet. This essentially allows subscribers to send files without an electronic trail. Bet the NSA would love something like that to spring up over here.

~ Sean at Deep Surface has been laying low of late -- turns out he was climbing Mount Shasta. Damn! Lucky man. That is something I always wanted to do when I was going to college only a couple of hours away in Ashland.

~ Two great articles at Integrative Spirituality:
* Alignment Beyond Agreement by Yasuhiko Genku Kimura: "Alignment is congruence of intention, whereas agreement is congruence of opinion." Check it out.
* Meditation: An Integral Perspective by Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, Ph.D., she of The Institute of Noetic Sciences.

~ Mike at Unknowing Mind posts a Buddhist View of Nature (Part 2).

~ Colmar responds to my post on gay marriage. He correctly calls me out on saying that all opposition to gay marriage is religiously based -- it should be "most," not all. Sowell, although he is wrong, is not arguing from a religious stance, as Colmar points out. In my defense, I did say that my position about anti-gay marriage laws violating the separation clause had nothing to do with Sowell's article. Colmar offers a defense of gay marriage that uses the same logic as Sowell, but with a more realistic view. Check out his post.

~ Aaron at Anxious Living has a nice post on transparency.

~ Integral Institute now has an online newsletter, called Holons. It has an RSS feed and everything.

In other places around the blogosphere:

~ Kevin Holder's rap sheet is 43 pages long, dating back to 1980, and he just got another entry — his 226th arrest. I guess they don't have a three strikes law in Nebraska.

~ Steve Wells at Dwindling In Unbelief actually took the time to add up the death toll in the Bible. This is what he came up with:

God 2,038,344
Satan 10

~ The FAA, in a further effort to increase the safety of air travel, has banned passengers from commercial airlines. From the fertile mind of Andy Borowitz.

~ Israel's decision to wage a war with Hezbollah -- that it could not win without risking permanent damage to its political status -- has weakened its position in the Middle East and weakened Western influence in creating peace. It was a stupid decision, backed by a stupid American administration. Either go to war with the intent to destroy your enemy, or don't go to war.

~ Bill Gates has decided to quit playing nice with the Bush administration on abstinence-only AIDS prevention in Africa. It's about time.

~ The LA Times thinks that the Bush administration is playing up what appears to be a minor terrorist threat in order to scare voters into voting for Republicans:
Vice President Dick Cheney may have provided a sneak preview of just how nasty the coming campaign will be. Speaking to reporters last week, after he learned of the British operation aimed at disrupting an alleged plot to bomb passenger planes, Cheney said that Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman's primary loss to an opponent of the Iraq war was proof that many Democrats wanted to return to "the pre-9/11 mind-set" and that the vote would embolden "Al Qaeda types."
Yep -- reminds me of all the (false) terror alerts we got in the last weeks before the 2004 presidential election. I suspect the reason the Bush administration pushed the Brits to move on the suspects before they were ready was to play off of the Liberman loss.

Okay, then, that's a full lid.

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