Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Speedlinking 8/15/06

After more than a week of threats without action, the skies darkened and the winds blew and lightning crashed and the rain came in torrents. I love the monsoon. The early morning smells warm and moist as only the desert can. With a high pressure sitting over New Mexico pulling moisture up from the Mexican Gulf coast, the prospects are good for more rain.

In other news:

~ My friend Siona at Zaadz sent me a link to the current mass extinction, a site loaded with links about the current, human-caused extinction of life around the globe as a result of habitat destruction, pollution, invasive species, and climate change. There are those who doubt the human role in this, but the evidence is pretty convincing. With war and terrorism and other serious issues facing humanity, few people seem to care about the loss of biodiversity that might do more to bring about our end than any war.

~ If you are thoroughly depressed now and wishing there was something you can do to help stop the mass extinction, here are three sites that offer some measure of help to disappearing species:
* WildAid seeks to stop the killing of endangered species by poachers and others involved in the illegal trade of animals and animal parts.
* The Wild Bonbon sells animal themed confections and donates part of the profits to wildlife protection organizations. A tasty way to help save species.
* The World Wildlife Fund has been working to save endangered species since 1961. They have the biggest reach and the greatest ability to create change. Through the WWF, you can adopt an endangered animal, anything from a tiger to an elephant to a turtle, or give an adoption as a gift.
~ Image of the Day comes from the WWF:

~ BeliefNet offers a who's who among the godless. My buddy Sam Harris tops the list.

~ Mike at Unknowing Mind has posted a Budhhist View of Nature, Part 1. Mike is a fine writer, so stop by and have a look.

~ CJ Smith at Indistinctunion posted parts of three different Thomas Barnett articles, but you should go to the source: Barnett's own blog is worth taking a look at.

~ spiritofnow at where do you want to go, my heart? has posted an incredibly interesting piece on being a woman in Pakistan (where she has lived her whole life), wearing the Hijab, being gay, and outgrowing the dominant modes of behavior acceptable for women in that culture.

~ How to Save the World has an interesting post on the social networking phenomenon and its failure to meet expectations. He's presenting this article as a keynote speaker at the Online Information 2006 conference in London, England later this fall.

~ Brian Johnson of Zaadz (co-founder and CEO) gets naked with Ken Wilber.

~ In These Times takes a look at the claims that Iran is the puppet master pulling hezbullah's strings. The article argues that the Iranian government offers little support to the terrorist group, and that, more importantly, it is not in Iran's interest to generate more animosity toward it and its nuclear agenda. Worth reading as a counter to the prevailing neocon propaganda. (Faux News seems to agree.)

~ Have you ever wondered what are the most common types of morons?

~ Gagdad Bob of One Cosmos was mentioned in the current issue of What Is Enlightenment? as a cool site to visit on the web. How weird is that!?

~ Truthout looks at China's efforts to reduce the carbon impact of their booming economy. Could it be the loss of Tibetan glaciers that woke them up?

~ Musicians are going to Second Life to get exposure and reconnect with fans. Wired has the story.

And that's a full lid.

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