Friday, August 11, 2006

Speedlinking 8/11/06

Happy Friday! At 3:51am, Tucson time, it is a balmy, sticky 80 degrees. Alas, we still have slightly more than two months of hellish heat to go before the temps cool down a bit.

Okay, enough with the whining.

~ A lesson in impermanence from Will of thinkBuddha -- I think I might have reacted less well than to get a pastry and coffee.

~ Cool pictures from Dave at Via Negativa of Micrathena gracilis, a rather freaky looking spider.

~ A very good post from Nagarjuna over at Naked Reflections. He advocates for universal healthcare, but he makes the argument personal -- and therefore more crucial to us all.

~ CJ Smith of Indistinctunion responds to a post by Matthew Dallman with a Spiral-based look at the "war on terror."

~ ebuddha of Integral Practice likes the way Washington Monthly looked at colleges for their ranking system. He suggests it may be apporaching an integral model.

~ Matthew Dallman writes on THE PROBLEMS WITH LIBERALISM, AND THE WORLD TODAY. He writes:
an enormous issue for Americans is this: to what extent should our humanitarian concerns be secondary to our national interests? This is a moral question; perhaps the preeminent geopolitical one of our time.
MD essentially points to the problems we face in generating first tier responses to second tier problems (see the Spiral Dynamics links on the sidebar for an explanation). The post-modern, relativistic "sensitive self" (liberalism) is incapable of dealing with egoic, authoritarian values systems (Islamofascists). On the other hand, our own version of authoritarian rationalism (conservatism) seldom rises above the level of bombing them into oblivion, a tactic that no longer works against a non-nation enemy (witness Viet Nam and now Iraq and Lebanon). We need new solutions to new problems, an exploration I started last night and will continue in the coming days and weeks.

~ My friend Alex at Zaadz posted a nice parable from Tolstoy -- check it out.

~ Jay (aka The Zero Boss) posted his Sugar Rush, which is worth mentioning for the nearly nekkid picture of Heidi Klum.

~ Colmar took issue with my comment that the liberal Dems voted against Lieberman less than they voted for Lamont. He paints Lamont as old money, even throwing out some red herring about his uncle or something. Lamont is the Steve Forbes of the Dems, and few conservatives were castigating Forbes for spending his own money. That said, I think the Democratic party is in its death throes. This race simply shows that it has a little nostalgic 1970s-era kick left in it before it dies.

~ Umguy at ideological putty responds to the book tag meme. Nice list.

And now for other stuff:

~ Bush wants to create retroactive protection for his administration from prosecution for war crimes. So why do you think they might need this protection if they haven't done anything wrong, as they claim?

~ Tim Grieve thinks the conservatives wasted no time in politicizing the terrorist plot. (Click through the ad.)

~ New Scientist Space has the top ten weirdest cosmology theories -- these are actually serious theories with important people behind them.

And the Picture of the Day comes from Shakespeare's Sister, via Dependable Renegade:

And that's a wrap.

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