Thursday, August 10, 2006

Speedlinking 8/10/06

The Sonoran Desert has been getting some more rain of late, well above the average. As great as that is, we have only moved from severe drought to moderate drought. Ah, yes, but the dragonflies are out!
Dragonfly on a rock -- absorbed in a daydream.
~ Santoka Taneda
With that, let's see what the blogosphere has to offer this morning.

~ Bill at Oaksong's Nemeton was another of the people I tagged with the book meme. It seems Bill interprets "one" to mean "all." How very Buddhist of him.

~ You have to read Chapter 5, "I'm Melting," over at The Zero Boss. Very well-written, funny, and insightful. Jay also has a little hernia -- ouch. And don't forget to enjoy the Sugar Rush.

~ Ed Berge over at Open Integral is exploring Postmodern/Postmetaphysical Spirituality. This is a splinter from a previous discussion.

~ CJ Smith at Indistinctunion takes a look at the Israeli-Arab war, but not in terms of who is right or wrong, but what lessons may grow out of this conflict. It felt like a good start -- but I'd like to see more.

One idea that he touches on but does not fully explore is the idea of Fourth Generation Warfare. This is a topic worth exploration as the US "war on terror" falls into this category, which is why it appears that there can never be an overt "win," at least not with the current approach taken by the US.

~ P2P Foundation has a nice post on Living Machines. One of the cool ideas is growing a house instead of building a house.

~ Kira (my partner) has sprouted a healthy boundaries pod over at Zaadz. If you belong to Zaadz, check it out. It you have boundaries issues in your own life, check it out. Most of us are messed up in this area in some way or another.

~ Goethea alerts us to a new paper on Jean Gebser over at the Jean Gebser Society's website.

~ Catallaxis has posted a very cool video parady by students at the Columbia Business School (CBS) on Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke -- seems Glenn Hubbard, Dean of the Columbia Business School, is keeping an eye on every breathe Bernanke takes.

~ Steve Pavlina gave up TV for 30 days and liked it, so he's at 60 now -- here are 8 changes he has noticed since giving up the box.

~ MD at The Woodshed announces Polysemy digital -- download the first issue now for only $3.

~ Colmar thinks that Lieberman lost because people hate Bush, and because he aligned himself with Bush on several crucial issue (the war, illegal spying, social security, Samuel Alito), to which one can only say, "exactly." Bush has been a divider, not a uniter, and any Dem who aligns him or herself with the biggest Bush wedge issue (namely, that dumbass war) is going to lose this fall (except Hillary, she'll cruise).

~ How to Save the World reviews Endgame, by Derrick Jensen.
Endgame . . . is a raucous, polemical, rambling, articulate, angry, relentless, radical, poetic, fearless and brilliantly-argued tirade against civilization, its excesses and its unsustainability. The first volume reiterates arguments from Jensen's earlier work (notably A Language Older Than Words) why civilization cannot be reformed and must end, while the second volume presents a sort of blueprint for bringing it down.
~ Aaron at Anxious Living discusses an interview he listened to featuring Elizabeth Lesser (author of Broken Open, one of the books I mentioned in the book meme post). Aaron asks:
What are your thoughts on transparency? Do you think that social anxiety could be seen as a type of crisis? Could the feelings brought on by social anxiety be used to help trigger personal growth?
~ Picture of the day comes from the J-Walk Blog:

~ Drinking soda makes people fat. And in other news, the Earth is not flat.

~ Who should decide how and when terminally ill people die, them or the government? Sen. Brownback thinks it should be the government. Reason magazine looks at the issue.

~ The Christian Science Monitor takes a look at Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

And that, my friends, is more than enough for one morning.

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