Friday, June 23, 2006

Wyatt Earp's Last Ride

Ken Wilber has posted what he says is the last in his series of Wyatt Earp clean-ups. Calling it, What Would Wyatt Do?, he seems to be on board with the Cafe Press web site created in honor of his Earpy series.

Of much more import, however, than the seemingly interminable self-congratulation for the oh-so-brilliant original post, is the fact the he liked Jay's phrase, “a bodhisattva with the mouth of a gangsta rapper." It's nice to know that Ken (or his staff) appreciates the little blogs, too. Jay is feeling good about it: "Yeah, okay, so my head swelled a bit about being quoted by The Man. I'm workin' on it, okay??" Enjoy the buzz, my friend.

~C4 still has issues with KW calling him coolmel, which to him probably feels about the same as Wilber must feel when people talk about his entire body of work by referencing The Spectrum of Consciousness. KW needs to get with the program and see that ~C4 is at least on version 3.0 by now.

This ride with Wyatt has been a long, strange trip. In the end, I suspect that the integral community is more fractured now than it was before the original post. There were clear divisions among those who generally had held similiar and supportive positions regarding Wilber and I-I -- those who "got it" felt included and part of the club (more than a little ego swelling was detectable) and those who thought it missed the mark were put-off and disappointed (more than a little projection was detectable). I was in the later group on this one, and my projections are discussed here.

In the end, maybe Wilber's "test" did what it was supposed to do. Or maybe the seemingly endless series of follow-up posts and shadow work suggestions were the necessary clean-up for an error in judgement. Wilber argues for the first idea, but from a ground-level view it looks an awful lot like the second possibility is more true. The reality is probably something else entirely.

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