Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Hard Data of Soft Emotions - All in the Mind

This week's podcast from All in the Mind (Australia) focused on how the internet and social media can be harnessed for everything from taking the emotional pulse of the nation to suicide prevention.

The hard data of soft emotions

Lynne Malcolm | Sunday 25 May 2014


With the rise of smart phones, GPS devices and social media we leave ‘digital breadcrumbs’ wherever we go. Many fear the power of big data and technology in the wrong hands but there's a growing movement to harness this wealth of information and use the power of the collective to better our society. We hear about what the new science of social physics tells us about human connection, how Twitter can check the emotional pulse of a nation, and how sharing personal stories through social media is an effective suicide prevention campaign.


Ehon Chan: Social entrepreneur; Founder of Soften the Fck up
Professor Helen Christensen: Executive Director of the Black Dog Institute
Professor Alex Pentland: Toshiba Professor of Media, Arts, and Sciences; Director of Media Lab Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Author


Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread, Lessons from a New Science by Alex Pentland

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