Sunday, February 03, 2013

Neuphi - A Criterial Neuronal Code Underlies Downward Mental Causation and Free Will

Neuphi is short for neuroscience and philosophy, and they have a Vimeo channel with several cool videos - this one looks at the neural codes associated with free will, a top-down model of consciousness that implicates awareness in the process of constructing visual images.

The video is not shareable, so follow the title link below to watch this talk (which may be too geeky for some people).

A criterial neuronal code underlies downward mental causation and free will

from Meriam Good

Peter Tse, Ph.D. (Dartmouth) uses fMRI, DTI, and psychophysics to investigate the cognitive and neural bases of visual perception and consciousness.

His research focuses on the visual perception of 3D form and motion, and how these two types of information interact with each other and with attention. Because the 2D visual image is inherently ambiguous, the visual system must construct 3D percepts on the basis of assumptions about the image-to-world mapping. One of his goals is to understand the assumptions that underlie the construction of visual percepts, and to understand the neuronal circuits that could realize such constructive processes.

From Neuphi, a forum for scientists and philosophers to discuss cutting-edge conceptual issues in the Philosophy of Neuroscience. Held at Boston University, May 2011. Video production sponsored by my organization, the Mind Science Foundation.

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