Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bookforum Omnivore - The Age of Moral Machines

From Bookforum's Omnivore blog, a new collection of links that offer various perspectives on intelligent machines, from Ray Kurzweil's new project with Google to the not-too-far-away future of robots as "autonomous weapons," i.e., drone variations without the need for human navigators.

The age of moral machines

FEB 25 2013 

  • From Technology Review, Ray Kurzweil plans tocreate a mind at Google — and have it serve you (and more). 
  • From Transhumanity, Mark Waser on the “wicked problem” of existential risk with AI (artificial intelligence).
  • Colin Allen reviews The Machine Question: Critical Perspectives on AI, Robots, and Ethics by David J. Gunkel. 
  • Killer instinct: Advances in neuroscience and technology could lead to the mind becoming the ultimate weapon. 
  • Stephen Pincock on the rise of the (mini) machines: Mimicking nature, nanotechnology is creating machines that can self-assemble and take charge of their environment. 
  • Our robot children: At what point will we trust robots to kill
  • Killer robots must be stopped, say campaigners: “Autonomous weapons”, which could be ready within a decade, pose grave risk to international law. 
  • The age of moral machines: An interview with Josh Storrs Hall on nanotech, AI and the Singularity.
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