Sunday, October 14, 2012

All in the Mind - How Children Learn Best

Today's episode of All in the Mind (Australia) focuses on how neuroscience is changing the way we understanding learning and how we teach our children. The guest expert is Dr. Judy Willis, author of How Your Child Learns Best: Brain-Friendly Strategies You Can Use to Ignite Your Child's Learning and Increase School Success.

How children learn best

Broadcast: Sunday 14 October 2012 5:00PM

Dr Judy Willis applies new knowledge in neuroscience to develop better learning strategies for children. She's found that using video games can be a powerful way to engage young people in effective and enjoyable learning, and mindfulness plays a part too. These techniques are also being employed in the Shaping Brains program in Queensland with some encouraging results.


  • Dr. Judy Willis: Neurologist and school teacher
  • Sheryl Batchelor: Co-ordinator Shaping Brains Program Early Years Centres
  • Goldie Hawn: Actor, producer, director and writer


Title: How your child learns best
Author: Dr. Judy Willis
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc


Presenter: Lynne Malcolm
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