Saturday, June 02, 2012

Origins Of Us (3-Part BBC Documentary)

This is a cool three-documentary on the origins of homo sapiens (Origins of Us, 2011) told in terms of bones, guts, and brains, brought to us by Dr. Alice Roberts and the BBC.
Origins of Us tells the story of our species, homo sapiens. In every one of our bodies is the evidence of how we evolved away from our ape cousins to become the adaptable, successful species we are today.

Anatomist and physical anthropologist Dr Alice Roberts reveals the key adaptations in our body that has contributed to our extra-ordinary success. Far from being inevitable, the evolution of our species is a product of pure chance. And with each anatomical advantage comes a cost, which many of us are still paying today. Bad backs, painful childbirth, impacted wisdom teeth are all a by-product of our evolutionary success.

This is a journey through your own body, 6 million years and 300 000 generations of our family, from a tree dwelling ape in the forests of Africa, to you and the six billion other humans on Earth today.

Part 1 - Origins Of Us: Bones

Part 2 - Origins Of Us: Guts

Part 3 - Origins Of Us: Brains

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