Tuesday, May 29, 2012

David Loy - The New Bodhisattva path

David Loy

This is a nice dharma teaching from David Loy at Dharma Seed - this was part of a seven-day retreat at Spirit Rock Meditation Center - Awakening in Service and Action: A Study Retreat on Socially Engaged Buddhism.

2012-05-27The New Bodhisattva path - 59:52
Notes for a Buddhist Revolultion
With David Loy

The whole retreat is available here, but this other talk also got my attention, so I'll share it, too.

Practicing with Difficult Emotions and thoughts - 56:56
With  Donald Rothberg

We look at several ways to practice when strong, difficult emotions and thoughts are present. 1) Finding antidotes - ways to get unstuck if we are stuck; 2) mindfulness using various tools; and 3) wisdom.
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