Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bookforum - The Tribal Psychology of Politics

Yet another cool collection of links from Bookforum's Omnivore - this one looks at the nearly gang-like, tribal warfare between the political factions in this country..
  • What the Right gets right: What insights, principles, and analyses does this movement have to offer that liberals and Democrats might want to take into account? (and more: What does the Left get right?) 
  • Liberty, Equality, Hostility: The inability of conservatives and liberals to get along may be traced back to the French Revolution. 
  • Jonathan Haidt decodes the tribal psychology of politics: "Liberals need to be shaken [and they] misunderstand conservatives far more than the other way around". 
  • Conservatives are from Mars, liberals are from Venus: Thomas Edsall on how research in political psychology explains the fierce clashes between Republican and Democrats in our polarized system.
  • Conservatism is linked to low intelligence; but the real idiots are the progressives letting it win. 
  • The biology of politics: Liberals roll with the good, conservatives confront the bad. 
  • Nature, nurture and liberal values: Biology determines our behaviour more than it suits many to acknowledge, but people — and politics and morality — cannot be described just by neural impulses.
  • Do people become more conservative as they age?
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