Friday, February 10, 2012


I wish I could attend this conference - the small size makes it more desirable to someone like me who does not enjoy crowds and anonymity. Alas, I will be on my way to Europe a few days after the conference ends and I have not yet mastered the art of growing money on trees.

• A Gathering for Integral INQUIRY and ACTION •

Evolving Leadership for an Awakening World:
May 17 – 20
at the Chaminade Resort & Spa
in Santa Cruz, CA

Our most experiential and interactive conference ever!!!

Join thought leaders - practitioners, academics, coaches, consultants and more – who will together explore the frontiers of our knowledge and practices of what it means to be a conscious, integral leader in the 21st century.

Our program is a tapestry of finely orchestrated large group experiences, small group breakouts, community building, cutting edge media explorations, self-reflection and integral life practice, fellowship and dancing. While each session is revealing in its own way, all of these opportunities are woven together to reveal and nurture integral leadership in ways that are applicable and actionable in service to the world around us.

Here is just a small sample of our AMAZING line-up:
  • Don Beck: pulls back the curtain and reveals the pragmatic side of Spiral Dynamics as a key solution to complex global issues
  • Cindy Wigglesworth: facilitates exploration of the good, true, and beautiful bridge between spiritual intelligence and daily integral leadership actions
  • Barrett Brown: exposes the inner workings of the world’s foremost integral leaders, making our own aspirations and developmental actions more clear and accessible
  • Brett Thomas: coming off his deep-dive learning experience in the Integral Leadership Collaborative, Brett shares even more critical practices and actions toward becoming a more integral leader
  • Jeff Salzman: the guru of the integral interpretation of world events, helps to refine our expanded lenses so that we can see more, be more of what the world so desperately needs
  • Bert Parlee: invites you on a journey into Integral Optimism, thus helping you find new strength and emotional capacity in our ever-challenging world
  • Dana Carmen & Allison Conte: will team with Bert Parlee to lead us into an ecstatic polarities dance – exploring polarities as a useful integral concept and range of practices
  • Dean Anderson: shares his decades of in-the-trenches experience as one of the most integrally-informed organizational change practitioners on the planet
…and that’s just a peek into what is in store for our ever-expanding community of integral seekers.
  • We will be inspired to push the edges of our own development and expand our vision of leadership potentiality.
  • We will learn from seasoned experts who are practicing and advancing our knowledge of integral leadership.
  • We will take away practical tools that we can immediately apply to our lives and work.
  • We will encourage everyone to share what is working and what is not in our integral leadership experiences.
  • We will commune, share meals together and explore the depths of our collective wisdom.
  • We will laugh and play and practice and dance.
  • We will return home fully refreshed, invigorated and grounded in a spirit of wellness and love.
ATTENTION: This year’s ILiA Conference is a smaller, more intimate learning community and we are restricted to 70 attendees. Register as soon as is humanly possible.


The RAPID Action price is $599 and includes:
  • Lunches and dinners throughout the conference
  • Full use of the beautiful grounds surrounding the Chaminade
  • All sessions from May 17 - May 20
  • Saturday night party

Registration is open NOW.

Rapid Action discount ends on February 24!!
Click here for registration details.

Enjoy luxurious accommodation at The Chaminade with SPECIAL ILiA room rates.

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Anonymous said...

what? jeff salzmann " the guru of the integral interpretation of world events" ?? that makes me ,have you forgotten the crap he pontificated in all integral earnesty about the arabian spring revolutions? ? just have a look at north africa and the middle east now and then listen to his stuff again. i would describe his diatribe more like totally clueless naivity rather then expertise. more like integral idiot.i wouldn´t even go to a conference where he speaks if they paid me for it. thank you very much.