Thursday, December 08, 2011

Scott Anderson - The Time Spectrum Unlocks the Spiritual Psychophysics

Here is another offering from the Science and Nonduality Conference hosted by This is a short but heady segment.

The Time Spectrum Unlocks the Spiritual Psychophysics from Science and Nonduality on

The Time Spectrum Unlocks the Spiritual Psychophysics

Since Capra’s Tao of Physics in 1975, we’ve been standing before the door to a psychophysics of consciousness — a genuinely spiritual science. Collective anticipation of such a hybrid has grown in successive waves over the two centuries since Swedenborg and Mesmer first proposed the possibility. The Time Spectrum key unlocks this door. Spanning the sixty orders of magnitude between Planck’s “shortest possible time” and the apparent current age of the universe, the Time Spectrum is naturally depicted logarithmically. As such, it opens before us the vast range of time frames nested within the average human heart beat that are otherwise hidden — time frames we propose ALL relate to experience in an observer-centered cosmology. Electromagnetism occupies a mid-range third of this span defining three roughly equal domains of twenty orders of magnitude each: an OUTER domain of the environment of the body out to the furthest reaches of the cosmos; an INNER domain of embodied experience; and an INNERMOST domain where we posit individuated time-bound awareness connects with non-individuated timeless awareness. The phenomena characterizing these three domains relate to a cutting-edge tool of mathematical physics, the complex division algebras, the next extension of which attains “non-division” — an elegant model of ultimate nonduality. Finally, these four domains — three of time plus a timeless context — bear striking parallels to the ancient sciences of mind found in the Indo-Tibetan yogas (among others). These traditions observe that our total reality embraces “gross, subtle, causal, and nondual” domains. These alignments will be correlated with the leading contemporary theory in the science of consciousness — the Hameroff-Penrose model. Yoga science thus suggests how spirituality and science can begin to shed new light upon and enrich each other. The Yoga Science Foundation has launched the exploration of this new opening.

Scott Anderson

As a biology student at Harvard, Scott met Yogiraj Swami Satchidananda who encouraged him in both spiritual practice and scientific study. He went on to become student of Adi Da Samraj, obtain his MD at UCONN, and serve as Adidam Clinic Director of Research for 20+ years. "The unexpected hybrid" -- Yoga Science -- was born in meditation in 1987. Scott is currently Director of the Yoga Science Foundation that is engineering a conceptual bridge between science and spirituality based on the discovery of previously neglected features in the scientific conception of time.

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