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All in the Mind - The Kill Factor (broadcast edition) and Brave New Mind (podcast/Radio Australia edition)

Interesting - we are definitely wired for survival, but at the same time we are wired for empathy and fairness, able to take another's perspective. Research has tended to indicate that we are most able to display altruism toward those in our own in-group (ethnocentrism).

This week's All in the Mind podcast looks at some of these issues.

The Kill Factor (broadcast edition) and Brave New Mind (podcast/Radio Australia edition)

Natural born killer? If humans are born for survival, how hard is it to train us to kill for war, and what's the psychological impact of ending another person's life?

The BBC's Stephen Evans meets soldiers and hears their stories of war, killing, and survival.



Andy Wilson
Served in the British Special Forces (SAS)

Lt Col Peter G. Kilner
Army officer
Philosopher and educator
West Point Academy, NY, USA

Ben Close
Served in 1st Battalion Coldstream Guard's Regiment

Associate Professor David Livingston Smith
Department of Philosophy
University of New England, USA

Reverend Dr Giles FraserCanon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral
Lecturer in Ethics and Morality
Academy of the British Ministry of Defence

Major Sam Plant
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
United Kingdom

Major General Patrick Cordingley
Commander of the British 7th Armoured Brigade (The Desert Rats)
First Gulf War

Joanna Bourke
Professor of History
School of History, Classics, and Archaeology
Birbeck College, UK

Stephen Evans
BBC presenter and correspondent


Title: On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society
Author: Lt.Col. Dave Grossman
Publisher: Back Bay Books, 1996

Title: An Intimate History of Killing
Author: Joanna Bourke

Title: Killology - lecture by Lt. Col. David Grossman, broadcast on Background Briefing, 1999

Natasha Mitchell/Stephen Evans

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