Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ben Stewart and Dan Stewart - Ungrip (A non-violent revolution of consciousness)

This is an intriguing documentary - features some clips of clips of Bruce Lipton, PhD. There is a lot of New Age philosophy here, as well as some government conspiracy thinking. It all sounds good, but my bullshit detector is going off.


UNGRIPBen Stewart and Dan Stewart, creators of Esoteric Agenda and Kymatica, focus the essence of this film around the journey through transitional and groundbreaking moments in a human’s life.

At a major juncture in his life, rob in the pagé family began down a road less traveled to free himself from fear, government control, and reliance on public energy and food supply, and shares his journey that led him off the grid.

The purpose of this film is not to provide legal advice, nor is it to simply educate, but rather as inspirational fuel. To become more of what we already are.
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Not everyone is on board with this guy -The Skeptic Project takes a dim view of Benjamin: Stewart, considering him a hard core conspiracy theorist who makes Alex Jones seems completely rational.

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Anonymous said...

you're bullshit detector going off eh haha you need to embrace the posible because we live in a world that makes no sence at all. this is information, do what you want with it, put it to the test everybpody is born free. And a conspiracy theorist is someone who is open minded and willing to emprace the posible. Why do you have a judgment on something befor you even see that information being presented. We are slaves to the dollar bill but we dont have to be.