Sunday, July 24, 2011

Integral Leadership Collaborative - Unchartered Territory in Developmental Theory (Zak Stein)

The International Integral Leadership Collaborative has posted an interview with Zak Stein, one of the emerging leaders in the 2nd generation of integral theorists. I've seen Zak speak and I have read several of his papers. Among his research projects, he gave a developmental measure to students and faculty in the Integral Studies department of JFK University and found that their perceived stage of development was not congruent with their actual stage of development, as measured by the LIMA (Lectical Integral Model Assessment).

Zak Stein has conducted breakthrough developmental theory research at Harvard and John F. Kennedy University and has designed and delivered leader education programs for numerous government agencies.

(See Biographical Information page for background information.)


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this important interview!

Luke said...

The links aren't working for me mate. Are they OK on your end?

william harryman said...

Hey Luke,

I think it's fixed - they changed the links when they loaded the newest interview.

Let me know if it still does not work.


Anonymous said...

Not working for me. Sorry.
My computer says it's downloaded but when I open a player, it shows a general error. Please let me know when it's working at

Bergen said...

Sounds like a great interview, thanks for posting!
Am having the same problem as others with downloading though, any chance of an update?