Saturday, February 20, 2010

2010 Online Consciousness Conference

It's all up and looks like some good stuff - see it all at the Consciousness Online site. In the coming days I'll be blogging about some of these - two in particular look very much like my kind of thinking, Joseph Neisser, Grinnell College, Correlates, Causes, and the Neurobiology of Consciousness and Adam Pautz, University of Texas, Austin, Why Consciousness Can’t Just be in the Head: A New Argument against Biological Theories.

Here is the 2010 program:

Program -2010

The Second Annual Online Consciousness Conference is now officially underway! It is scheduled to last until March 5th 2010. To attend a session just click on the title. Please email me at with any questions or problems. Enjoy! Richard

Welcome & Opening Remarks –Richard Brown, Conference Organizer

Special Session on Higher-Order Consciousness

Invited Colloquium on the State of the Art in Brain Decoding

Contributed Sessions

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