Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ken Wilber - Big Mind + Evolution = The (New) Bodhisattva Vow

A free teaching from the Integral Life site. As regular readers know, I have some issues with Big Mind, but this is still an interesting piece. For the record, there is nothing truly non-dual about the Big Mind process.

Big Mind + Evolution = The (New) Bodhisattva Vow

What is the relationship of evolutionary consciousness in relationship to the bodhisattva vow? Ken responds that, traditionally, the bodhisattva vow is a vow to “liberate all sentient beings” so that they may recognize their own ever-present Big Mind and True Self. What evolutionary awareness does is reveal a second dimension of the Enlightenment process that must now be a part of how a bodhisattva functions in the world, because although pure nondual Emptiness does not evolve or change, sentient beings do. With each new structure of consciousness, Spirit has a new way to understand itself, which is not simply recycled samsara dressed up to look like something new, but a stunning and grand act of emergent creativity on a Kosmic scale—one which you are invited to participate in, if you really want it. Only an Integral Approach understands that the higher you progress up structures of consciousness, the longer you will be able to rest in the recognition of your own Big Mind and True Self, and thus have the chance to co-create, in earnest, Spirit’s moment-to-moment manifestation of the evolving Great Perfection we call home.


David said...

That linked MP3 is not available, even when logged in with a free account.

william harryman said...

David, You should be able to listen to it right here through the player. It works for me.