Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Toxic Fat - New Book by Barry Sears

Barry Sears created a storm of controversy, not to mention an empire, with his Zone Diet approach. But he hasn't stopped researching and writing. His new book, Toxic Fat, suggests that obesity may be a radical form of cancer caused by inflammation. Those of you who know about nutrition can see where this is going -- some fats cause inflammation, some reduce it.

Here is the story from Medical News Today.
New Book By Zone Diet Creator Takes A Controversial Look At Obesity

For the past three years Dr. Barry Sears, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Zone, has been compiling research for his revolutionary new book, Toxic Fat: When Good Fat Turns Bad, which landed on shelves September 30, 2008. Dr. Sears' 12th book re-examines how we treat the obesity and diabetes epidemics in America.

Rather than looking at obesity as a condition resulting from sloth and gluttony, Dr. Sears explains obesity as a form of cancer driven by silent inflammation. Additionally, the epidemics of weight gain and diabetes in America are primarily caused by the genes in susceptible individuals being activated by recent changes in the American diet. Once those genes are turned on, obesity and diabetes are the inevitable outcome, resulting in the rapid increase of toxic fat in our bodies.

Compelling and controversial, Toxic Fat explores how the greatest threat to our country does not come from external forces, but from what we are eating. "Over the last few decades, the increased consumption of cheap, refined carbohydrates and vegetable oil, combined with the decreased consumption of healthy Omega-3 fish oil, has led to the epidemic of inflammation driven by increasing levels of toxic fat in the blood," explains Dr. Sears.

In Toxic Fat, readers will learn why people with a genetic predisposition for a "fat trap" are becoming heavier simply by having bad genes that can be activated by toxic fat. The book goes on to explain the driving force for eating more calories is not improved food advertising, but hormonal changes in the brain that are creating a constant state of hunger. Toxic Fat offers practical advice on how proper nutritional protocols can help reverse this troubling trend in less than 30 days, including:

The Hand-Eye Method

The Hand-Eye Method provides dieters a simple way of portioning out the contents of their meals. On one-third of the plate, put enough low-fat protein (chicken, fish, very lean beef, etc.) to match the size and thickness of a palm. Realistically this is about three ounces for a typical female and four ounces for the typical male. Fill the other two-thirds of the plate with carbohydrates, such as colorful non-starch vegetable and fruits.

The 1-2-3 Method

Following the 1-2-3 Method makes it easy for dieters to create a meal providing the right amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates your body needs. For every one gram of fat consumed, eat two grams of protein and three grams of carbohydrates.

Zone in on Meal Timing

Always eat within the hour of waking. By coming off an eight- to ten-hour fast, the body is running on empty. Additionally, don't let more than five hours go by without eating a meal or snack. Consistently providing the body with small meals prevents storing excess food for later, which can turn to fat.
I'm not a fan of the zone diet, but I do tend to agree with his assumptions regarding the intake of fat and protein. It sounds like this new book should be interesting.


Adolfo David said...

Hello, I am from Spain but I bought weeks ago this book on internet and I have already finished it. I think its the most interesting Dr Sears´ book in 10 years.

It explains how fat in adipose tissue is initially protective because its a mechanism to prevent lipotoxiticy in your body. The keay is Arachidonic Acid (AA)..your body create new fat cells for encapsulating AA and dilute it among more fat cells. But if this fat cells in your adipose tissue get sick and die then your AA goes to bloodstream...your have malignant toxic fat.

The books explain with so details all this chemical process and why INSULIN is a key hormone in it. Once explained the biomarkers of Toxic Fat Syndrome, this books provides scientific evidence of why Zone Diet is a superior Diet to revert Toxic Fat Syndrome in every biomarkers based in latest published medical independent studies. Obviously high dose fish oil is critical to dilute AA in your fat cells; as always Dr Sears has recommended.

Another revolutionary aspect is why obesity should be explained like a cancer.. if you are fat but with no toxic fat in your bloodstream you have a bening tumor. And you can be slim but with toxic fat in your have a slow malignant tumor..if you are fat and have toxic fat you have a fast increasing malignant tumor. Like a cancer, all it starts in a localized tumor (adipose tissue), which is generated by inflammation.

Dr Sears again proves that Zone Diet is probably the healthiest diet one can create and base in very sound science. And I absolutely agree. Great work Dr Sears! Thanks for providing so sound science!

Anonymous said...

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