Wednesday, October 01, 2008

How Do Mudras Affect Meditation?

An interesting post from axel g - personal development that works, on mudras in meditation. I personally do not use mudras, but I have no doubt that there is some power to the way we hold our hands in meditation.

How Do Mudras Affect Meditation?

One could probably put together a whole book about mudras and go into a deep theoretical discussion about symbolism and the possible affects on meditation. Here, I'll limit myself to my personal experiences of the use of mudras in meditation. But first let's take a look at what a mudra is.


Have you ever seen a Buddha image sitting cross-legged with his hands resting one over the other, by the lower abdomen, and with the thumbs joined? This is referred to as a mudra. There are many many kinds of mudras having evolved from a broad base of spiritual traditions. Anyway, why use mudras in meditation? Let me share my first-hand experiences with you.

The Mind

When the mind becomes very still, for example after a week of intensive meditation. We tend to open up to subtle sense impressions that normally pass by unnoticed. One could say that intensive meditation increases awareness of the physical body and mental energy.

Meditation And Mental Energy

Now, let's start by taking a look at the use of mudras in day to day meditation. When I meditate, I'm always aware of subtle mental energy. Meditation generates mental energy which can be felt as a presence in and around the abdomen.
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gregory said...

they happen by themselves, the same with asanas and pranayama, when kundalini is flowing ... imitating the symptoms has some benefit, but it is not the same as when it comes spontaneously ... and the doing of these things can become a "thing" like having your robe folded in a certain way, part of the culture, but not part of the mystical opening ... in my usual arrogant opinion ... i must be jaded ... or over-saturated