Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dark Chocolate Sales Double in Two Years

Saw this at That's Fit:

Dark chocolate sales double in two years

Posted: Jul 10th 2008 7:00AM by Jacki Donaldson
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Dark chocolate has been enjoying an improved image lately, with all the good press regarding its health benefits.

It may still be high in sugar but it's rich in antioxidants, contains less fat than milk chocolate, and in some circles is considered a Super Food. No wonder dark chocolate sales are soaring.

Dark chocolate sales in Britain have doubled over the past two years, a new report reveals. By the end of the year, the British chocolate market is expected to grow even further. Predictions have sales growing 17 percent by 2013.
So that was in Britain, but I'd guess the same is true here in the States.

I've become a fan of Green & Black's 85% Dark Organic Chocolate [pictured above]. Mmmm . . . tasty, and I never even used to like chocolate very much. Low in sugar and high in fats, much of them saturated, so MODERATION is the key if you don't want to be large.

Lots of good antioxidants in this stuff, though a little bitter compared to regular chocolate -- goes well with Merlot after dinner.

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David said...

I'll have to try Green & Blacks. I've never had it before. I'm a big fan of Dagoba's Eclipse bar.