Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lojong Poems: Four


Lojong Poems: Four

Let even the remedy itself drop away naturally

surrendering self in the thrall of passion
is not the solution :: the tangle of flesh
is only a distraction, an illusion

walking in the canyon, I feel the smallness
of being, the inconsequence of these cells

I slept for more than ten years, until
the ravages of insects awakened me

moth eaten, beetles half consumed
my flesh, only memory survives

haunted, wishing my body dissolved
by flame, bright surrender

I'd gladly give this all away
for a moment's peace

but the clinging is an anchor

tendrils of this ravaged flesh
reach in every direction,
rooting me

following the breath
as instructed

inhale, exhale
inhale, exhale

memory evaporates
in the wind

all that remains
is the tender heart,
beating, softening


an openness
that feels like death

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