Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pick Your 2008 Candidate For President

I took this little quiz and it turns out that Mike Gravel, the nut-job from Alaska, is my ideal candidate. I must admit that I liked him, although he never had a snowball's chance in Tucson of getting the nomination. I like Kucinich, too, but alas, he's unelectable. So it's Obama for me.

I'm apparently a flaming liberal.

90% Mike Gravel
90% Dennis Kucinich
87% Chris Dodd
84% Barack Obama
83% John Edwards
83% Hillary Clinton
80% Joe Biden
75% Bill Richardson
37% Rudy Giuliani
24% John McCain
23% Ron Paul
18% Mike Huckabee
18% Tom Tancredo
16% Mitt Romney
7% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

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