Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Free Will Astrology

One of the cool benefits of getting the Village Voice feed is that I now get Free Will Astrology a day before I can get it here in Tucson. Not that I actually believe in astrology -- I think it's crap. But Rob Brezsny always writes interesting things -- pretty much good advice for anyone, regardless of your sign.

This is my horoscope for the coming week:

Here are the best and most enjoyable ways to capitalize on your current astrological omens: (1) Transform one of your so-called liabilities into at least a temporary asset; (2) lose any attachment you have to pleasures and rewards that won't mean much to you a year from now; (3) allow and even invite people to show you how you can get smarter; (4) compassionately identify the limits of the people you care about; (5) squeeze every last lesson out of what you're leaving behind.

Like I said, could apply to anyone -- but still fairly useful advice.


Anonymous said...

Which is why horoscopes are sort of blah. They're always far too general. Some do it better than others I suppose, but nothing compares to a real reading.

(Although comes pretty close).

Nice blog btw.


Anonymous said...

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