Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Daily Dharma: How to Make Our Lives An Embodiment of Wisdom and Compassion

Today's Daily Dharma from Tricycle:

How to Make Our Lives An Embodiment of Wisdom and Compassion

How to make our lives an embodiment of wisdom and compassion is the greatest challenge spiritual seekers face. The truths we have come to understand need to find their visible expression in our lives. Our every thought, word, or action holds the possibility of being a living expression of clarity and love. It is not enough to be a possessor of wisdom. To believe ourselves to be custodians of truth is to become its opposite, is a direct path to becoming stale, self-righteous, or rigid. Ideas and memories do not hold liberating or healing power.

There is no such state as enlightened retirement, where we can live on the bounty of past attainments. Wisdom is alive only as long as it is lived, understanding is liberating only as long as it is applied. A bulging portfolio of spiritual experiences matters little if it does not have the power to sustain us through the inevitable moments of grief, loss, and change. Knowledge and achievements matter little if we do not yet know how to touch the heart of another and be touched.

- Christina Feldman and Jack Kornfield, Stories of the Spirit, Stories of the Heart; from Everyday Mind, a Tricycle book edited by Jean Smith.

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