Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Speedlinking 10/2/07

Quote of the day:

"Red meat is NOT bad for you. Now blue-green meat, THAT'S bad for you!"
~ Tommy Smothers

Image of the day:

~ Yardwork yields muscle gain -- "As the seasons change, your yardwork does too. If you’re a regular homeowner, you’re probably going to do more raking, shoveling, closing the pool, cleaning gutters and splitting wood. A recent article from Read Express says that what seems like a pain, is actually good for you!" If nothing else, it's good cardio.
~ 50 More Tips for Serious Athletes -- "A grab bag of bad-ass tips for bodybuilders, strength athletes, football players, MMA fighters, hacky sackers, and even Amish rake-fighters. Regardless of your sports calling, you're guaranteed to find something useful in this article."
~ Secrets to Dealing With Comfort-Food Cravings -- "Find out how to cut calories off your favorite comfort foods."
~ Wine and berry pills to aid fight against cancer -- "Pills made from rice, berries and red wine could soon be available to help prevent cancer. British scientists are pioneering the use of food compounds to protect against tumours in the breast, colon and prostate."
~ Your Home Is Your Gym -- "Working out at home may yield better results than you'd get at the gym." True for beginners maybe, but not advanced lifters.
~ Weight issues plague heavy, thin teens alike -- "Many teenagers are dealing with weight issues, from obesity to eating disorder symptoms, and these problems seem to have some causes in common, new research suggests."
~ 5 healthy food trends worth following -- "If you want to know where American food traditions are headed, look back. Many of today's most healthful eating trends bear a strong resemblance to yesterday's: Nearby farms offering nutritious, peak-of-season produce; slow-cooked dinners that foster leisurely family meals; an emphasis on meatless dishes and minimally processed foods."
~ Premature Birth Linked To Low Maternal Cholesterol -- "Pregnant women who have very low cholesterol may face a greater risk of delivering their babies prematurely than women with more moderate cholesterol levels, a team led by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), reported today."
~ Goji berries: What you need to know about this superfood -- "Goji berries, goji juice, and snack bars and other products containing goji berries have become increasing popular over the past two years or so."

~ What Is Intelligence? -- "Flynn's research has now provided the strongest answer. The amount by which IQ test performance has improved for whole nations exceeds the IQ difference between blacks and whites in the United States or other groups in other countries."
~ Marital Spats, Taken to Heart -- "A study of nearly 4,000 men and women from Framingham, Mass., asked whether they typically vented their feelings or kept quiet in arguments with their spouse. Notably, 32 percent of the men and 23 percent of the women said they typically bottled up their feelings during a marital spat."
~ Personality Trait Linked to Risk of Developing Alzheimer's -- "A neat orderly mind augmented by a conscientious personality tends to resist Alzheimer's disease, researchers here found."
~ Moved to tears -- "Sometimes exercise may release a surprising slew of pent-up emotions, according to fitness instructors and psychotherapists who have seen or heard about clients crying during yoga, Pilates or other mind/body classes." Yep -- that's why I want to combine talk therapy and exercise.
~ Burning Leaf Therapy -- "Raking a pile of the leaves as they keep falling, bringing some kind of order to them, is an endless task if you are a perfectionist. They can’t all be gathered, because they keep right on falling, and they won’t make neat piles. But they do make big, unruly piles, and then they catch fire, flaring up in a split second like fireworks, a billow of smoke underneath, making you catch your breath. "
~ Attachment Parenting -- "The most important relationship we have in life is probably the first one, with our primary caretaker, usually, although not invariably, the mother. It is in this first relationship that we get our first taste of how to exchange love, care, pleasure, comfort, nourishment, in which we learn whether the world is a safe place that responds to our needs, or not."
~ Just Do It! -- "When I started studying self-improvement I often thought about a few of the little catchphrases I have heard throughout life. I thought about well, how kinda stupid they were."
~ A Deeper Sleep -- "How the brain works by day and sleeps at night."
~ Things to Consider Before Getting Married -- "After 7 years of marriage I can honestly say that I would do it again. I'd marry the same woman without changing a thing. Well, maybe we would have spent our money a little more conservatively but as far as the the decision on marriage - it was a perfect one (no, I am not saying this because she reads Dumb Little Man!)."

~ The Targets of Aggression -- "When an individual suffers pain, he most often responds by passing it on to someone else. When possible, that "someone else" is the perpetrator, the original source of the pain. But if this cannot be achieved, then others are liable to be victimized, regardless of innocence."
~ A Revolution is Just Below the Surface -- "Computers, desktop publishing is now much cheaper than big publishing, and of course the internet. So the new technologies are giving opportunities to overcome the effects of capital concentration, which has a severe impact on the nature of media and the nature of schools and everything else. So, there's revival, and actually the major battle that's going on right now is crucial, as to who is going to control the Internet."
~ Yusef Komunyakaa: War and Jazz -- "Komunyakaa is known for infusing his poems with jazzy rhythms and for writing autobiographical pieces which deal with subjects such as his time in Vietnam and to his childhood in Bogalusa, Louisiana."
~ Halo 3, reviewed -- "One of the strangest quirks of video-game reviewing is the emphasis on length. Size matters to video-game players, or at least to video-game reviewers. Games that take a fortnight of work weeks to complete—40, no 60, no 80 hours of gameplay!—get praised for their epic scale, while an overlong film or book might get panned for its self-indulgence."
~ House Moves on Troop Withdrawal Plan -- "The House takes up legislation today that would require President Bush to submit a plan for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq."
~ Carter, Tutu Urge Darfur Peace Deal -- "A group of elder statesmen, including former President Carter and Nobel peace laureate Desmond Tutu, urged all sides in Darfur's bloodshed to reach a peace deal."
~ Mental Help for Mets Fans -- "The New York Mets just finished the worst collapse in baseball history. How should sports fans deal with disaster?"

~ Agency Studies Restoration at Ind. Lake -- "Restoration could begin soon on the ecosystem of a northwestern Indiana lake that has been polluted for decades with sewage and stormwater filled with fertilizer from farm fields."
~ Nanotechnology: not just for geeks -- "Say “nanotechnology,” and geeks imagine iPhones, laptops and flash drives. But more than 60 percent of the 580 products in a newly updated inventory of nanotechnology consumer products are such “un-geeky” items as tennis racquets, clothing, and health products."
~ Top 100 Alt Search Engines, October 2007 -- "AltSearchEngines has just released its latest Top 100 Alternative Search Engines list. ASE tracks over 1,000 "alts" in all, so choosing the top 10% is a pretty big deal."
~ Quakes Sweep Endangered Turtles Overseas -- "Strong currents deliver dozens of Indonesian turtles to Malaysian shores."
~ How To Save 375 Million Gallons Of Gas A Year -- "Amazingly, American cities did it last year. Did the economy collapse? Did the world end? Nope. The way forward just got a little easier to navigate. So reports the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The work was done by Clean Cities, a network of approximately 90 volunteer coalitions developing public/private partnerships to promote alternative and advanced vehicles, fuel blends, fuel economy, hybrid vehicles, and idle reduction."
~ Those greenwashing Chevron ads -- "Those greenwashing ads are really starting to bug me. "It took us 125 years to use the first trillion barrels of oil. We'll use the next trillion in 30." And you're proud of this fact -- proud of your role in bringing about the wholesale destruction of this planet's climate?"

~ Chased by our wholeness -- "I read about the hoop snake of North American folklore, which seems to have fascinated generations.The hoop snake bites its own tale, as the ouroboros, to form a circle and then roll down a hill like a wheel towards a hapless victim, who is then skewered on its tail."
~ Entrance ticket: being willing to appear foolish -- "There is a threshold where we must be willing to appear foolish, to others and ourselves."
~ On Haidt -- "So C4 awhile back called out integral thinkers to put their two cents on another round of the New Atheist dustup. This one comes from Jonathan Haidt, himself an atheist in Edge. It’s an excellent article in many ways. Michael Shermer agrees. Shermer at least is honest that even if religion were expunged, human violence would still be rampant. That religion is used as a tool for violence."
~ Thoughts on being a ‘multidisciplinary’ artist -- "As an artist, I’ve always worked in many different media/disciplines (drawing and painting, writing, music, film/video, and recently acting). This, like anything, is a strength as well as a weakness; a strength in the sense of being able to cross-fertilize artistic ideas, and a weakness in the sense of being an artistic jack of all trades, master of none."
~ Theology = Study of Leprechauns -- "Theology is comparable to the study of leprechauns. That is according to the ballsy Richard Dawkins. For Dawkins, Theology has no place in a University."
~ Integralism - Protestant Work Ethic In Effect! -- "Well, our main integral theorist, Kenny Boy, the Kenster, Kenarooni, it's pretty clear this is one thing that permeates the practice arising from his theory - the Work Ethic."
~ Neither Here Nor There: Is Non-Duality the Key to Business Success? -- "The sticky substance that holds this, and other businesses, together? Connection (love?). And recognizing that the person in the “PR Department” is working just as hard as you, wrestling with the same questions and clients. In the case of SW you look across the room and see that this is the case. You see that they’re not so different from you."

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