Saturday, October 06, 2007

Integral Theory for Psychologists

This morning's session presented an integral model -- or several of them, actually -- for use by therapists. While some people were very open to the information, and some actually had knowledge of Spiral Dynamics or Robert Kegan or Ken Wilber, many others found the whole idea of a hierarchy of development very disturbing. Clearly some mean Green meme energy, as Wilber might say.

What I found really useful was the mixing of a lot of different maps -- Wilber, Kegan, Beck, Fowler, Gilligan, Kohlberg, and so on. And more importantly, we didn't waste time on the higher levels (subtle, causal, non-dual) because none of us are really seeing people with any awareness of these levels, let alone any experience of them.

The session helped me clarify how integral is useful to me in my work, and how I use it to relate to people's "parts." I spend a lot of time trying to relate to people's firefighters and managers.

This afternoon I get to learn how to be really, really, REALLY good at using the IFS model. Uh, yeah, OK. Sure.

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