Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Poem: James Longenbach

This is today's poem in honor of National Poetry Month, from the Academy of American Poets:

Second Draft
by James Longenbach

As an older man,
Graying, not stooped,
I saw the future:

Cold, tongue
Foam at the lips.
Excessive hope

Seemed more
Than despair.
I ran great distances.
I stood in sunlight

Just to see my shadow,
Show it off.
For the first time I remember

My soul looked back.
What other people learn
From birth,
I learned late.

My soul perched
On an olive branch
Combing itself,
Waving its plumes. I said

Being mortal,
I aspire to
Mortal things.
I need you,
Said my soul,
If you’re telling the truth.

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